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It is [ profile] drellakowalski's birthday today. Best wishes, hon! I hope it's a wonderful year for you at Uni.


I've just gone a bit wild with cleaning. We've all had such a busy two weeks that the apartment looked like crap. I find that getting things straightened up is a good way to get my head sorted out when I'm feeling stressed, so I just went all out.

Didn't do dishes, though. God, I hate doing dishes.

Anyway, on the topic of stress-- first issue of the paper is out. We went through a spectacular redesign this year. New flag, new masthead, new layout, new bylines and pull quotes. It looks pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Even if it was a ton of work to put together.

It's interesting, we're using a lot of white space and vertical space to help define the content. The paper looks very clean and sharp, and easy to read. The overall effect is quite striking. Hopefully the judges will feel the same, come February.


And on the topic of news-- if you would, light a candle sometime and send out some good vibes, just in general. There's a strange wind blowing, it seems. We've had thefts and murders and standoffs, not to mention friends who have a whole lot on their plate, emotionally, right now. And that's just locally. I've been trying to avoid the news for a bit, so I don't start going out of my mind with worry.

Anyway, a little prayer for peace can't hurt.
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Remember my darling (but insane) neighbors?

Yeah. Yesterday he stopped by, listened to the music we were playing for two seconds and said "Hey! You can do the Charleston to this!"

And then he did. Quite well, I may add. The dance lessons are paying off.


I'm going home this weekend for the boy's play. He's gotten himself a part in the local theater house's production of Chicago. It's chorus, but he's only 18 so that's impressive. It's a fairly tough theater to get into. Roommates and I will travel down tomorrow-- none of us can wait.

Also, it was [ profile] vocal_kitty's birthday on Sunday. We celebrated with cake and a birthday shot of whiskey. Naughty! (Not really. It's just that even our apartments are supposed to be "dry." We're such rebels. *snort*)

*insert rant about newspaper work, idiot editors, several fascinating school functions and grad school anxieties*

*insert annual comments on the day after Valentine's*

My love to you all, of course. Tell me what's new in your life!


Links of Doom:

Geek Social Fallacies. I recognize many of these.

Singer/Songwriter Elly K. This is the sort of awesomeness you get when you google your own name.

I made a house! Yay! Sue me, I'm easily amused.

Facts about Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel owns a Stargate, which he uses to visit Santa, David Hasselhoff, and Gandhi at their secret base in the center of the sun.

This will never stop being funny. Ever.
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Omg Friday.

This week was inSANE. But very, very good. No choir today, so I've been finished with school for half an hour. I'm going to like being done with class at one on fridays.

You should give me your address. Even if you think I have it, because. Um. I am the most absentminded person in the world.

But my dad gave me his ghetto pda! It is not sleek or sexy, but it has a calender! And a place for me to write notes, so.

Aaaaand. Happy belated birthday to [ profile] twinkledru! I suck, lo siento.

And [ profile] captaincooze, you just wait. The mail will be arriving for you in a few days. =D
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sheryl_pip! Here's something for you.

Oh you say it's your birthday )



Heh. The novelty of saying that will never wear off. I'm playing Berthe, Pippin's very naughty grandmother and it's going to be great fun. It's actually my first musical. I'm chuffed.


View the Cate Picspam.

The end.
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I'm back from vacation, and have many photos, but I got thrown right into work today.

I'm taking this break between shifts to say:

Happy Birthday, [ profile] danachan!!!!

Love to you, my dear! I have presents, for later. =D
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Left work early last night. Mike finished my shift so I could leave. <3 Mike.

Went home and got real sleep for once; I think I'm starting to feel better. Really strange dreams though. I dreamed about finding a rat in a sewer and keeping it as a pet. [ profile] redautumn, I blame you! :D

And now, more importantly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] danachan!!!!!!!!

Here's a present for you:

Hobbits + ent draught= fun! )


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