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I am so glad my last choir day trip is over. Being gone all day sunday absolutely destroys my weekend.

Although. It was sad, too.

Um. Have I rambled about choir, here? I don't think so, actually. Hmm. How to summarize?

Okay, basically what was/is going on is that it's been a very hard year in choir. Over half the choir is made up of newbies, who require constant attention. On top of that some of the more senior members have been extra whiny and disgruntled with our director. And we're preparing for a tour of Italy, which means singing in the most famous churches in the world.

So here's the thing. I really like our director. He's never been anything but kind to me and my family, he's worked very hard to build a family atmosphere in choir and I feel like he genuinely cares about people. I'm told other people don't feel this way, to which I say fuck off, I can feel how I want.

Anyway, the choir was out of control earlier this year. A few of the girls in my section went to talk to the director about it, where we learned quite a few things about what exactly is going on in his life. It's not been pretty, and that's all I feel compelled to say about that in a public forum.

And then yesterday he announced that he had resigned as director and was moving back to Canada.

I'm not surprised, but I am very sad.

And I don't want to dwell on that for long, so. I just aced a test! Granted, it was on Lord of the Rings, but you never know with this prof. He could say "identify Gandalf" or he could say "what's the orc-ish word for 'dinner?'" Silly man.

But he went easy on us, and it was a breeze. There was one thing I couldn't identify, but eh. I got every other point that was offered. So that's a big hell yes.

That's all.

I return.

Mar. 10th, 2006 10:33 am
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Days spent on tour: Three million, or approximately 7.

Hours spent on the tour bus: approximately 26.

Hours spent singing: at least 10.

Money wasted: None! I bought a couple of cute shirts for cheap, a silly latin book and a graphic novel. Go me.

Most awesome thing ever: CURLING. Seriously, wtf? Why isn't everyone playing this? It was so much fun. Also, my choir director is a BEAST. I'm talking curling hall of fame thingy, here. Awesome.

People missed: All of you!

Birthdays missed: One. Happy belated birthday to my Evil(or is is Good?) Twin, [ profile] vensre. Lots of love to you, Ven.

Tour Quotes: Only two this year.

The first from Emily, standing on a bus seat and screaming: "EMILY SPEAKS, HEAR ME NOW! There will be no tickling or none of you will get hugs!"

The second from Robert, whom I adore: "Elly, I've been meaning to ask you. Will you be my mother figure?"


The obligatory unintentionally embarrassing Doc C quote:

Doc C: "It seems to be a real JC Choir love-fest in here tonight."
Choir: ... *facepalm*

He meant there were lots of alumni in the audience. What a strange man.

Items passed between choir members during the concerts: At least four: A doorstop, a plastic turtle, a Pokey action figure and... a dildo. Yes. A dildo.

Number of official CTRs: Only one. TK and Jennifer, and good for them. Unofficially, there was Joe and Lydia, Me and Jessica, and Tim and Eric. Of course, unofficial also means "fake." But anyway.

Best concert: Our final full concert in Grand Rapids. Good energy, great audience. Just beautiful. The Ave Maria had people weeping. Hell, the choir almost couldn't sing it.

Best venue: MY HOMETOWN, BABY. The acoustics KICK ASS. Would have been our best concert, except it was our first and people were nervous. Definitely a close second, though.

And that's that. I'm back.
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Meh. Recording for tv is long and boring. And makes my back hurt.

Only one more day of class! Then I'm done with this semester save finals. Only one of which is comprehensive, anyway.

In just a few weeks, I'll be kickin it on a beach in Mexico!
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Today in U.S. History we talked about hippies. Not just any old hippies, no. We talked about the commune that was established in Georgeville- a scant fifteen minute drive from where I go to school.

Disturbingly enough, this was the highlight of my day. My teacher is a bit of a hippie himself and he spent a lot of time at the commune. I am so very very jealous.

Also: Choral Contest went great! 6 out of 6 stars. Be proud of my choir ya'll, we rock.
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Have posted drabble to [ profile] rugbytackle. Must now drag myself to bed or I will certainly hate me in the morning. PLUS, Choral Contest tommorow at noon. Damn.


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