I return.

Mar. 10th, 2006 10:33 am
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Days spent on tour: Three million, or approximately 7.

Hours spent on the tour bus: approximately 26.

Hours spent singing: at least 10.

Money wasted: None! I bought a couple of cute shirts for cheap, a silly latin book and a graphic novel. Go me.

Most awesome thing ever: CURLING. Seriously, wtf? Why isn't everyone playing this? It was so much fun. Also, my choir director is a BEAST. I'm talking curling hall of fame thingy, here. Awesome.

People missed: All of you!

Birthdays missed: One. Happy belated birthday to my Evil(or is is Good?) Twin, [livejournal.com profile] vensre. Lots of love to you, Ven.

Tour Quotes: Only two this year.

The first from Emily, standing on a bus seat and screaming: "EMILY SPEAKS, HEAR ME NOW! There will be no tickling or none of you will get hugs!"

The second from Robert, whom I adore: "Elly, I've been meaning to ask you. Will you be my mother figure?"


The obligatory unintentionally embarrassing Doc C quote:

Doc C: "It seems to be a real JC Choir love-fest in here tonight."
Choir: ... *facepalm*

He meant there were lots of alumni in the audience. What a strange man.

Items passed between choir members during the concerts: At least four: A doorstop, a plastic turtle, a Pokey action figure and... a dildo. Yes. A dildo.

Number of official CTRs: Only one. TK and Jennifer, and good for them. Unofficially, there was Joe and Lydia, Me and Jessica, and Tim and Eric. Of course, unofficial also means "fake." But anyway.

Best concert: Our final full concert in Grand Rapids. Good energy, great audience. Just beautiful. The Ave Maria had people weeping. Hell, the choir almost couldn't sing it.

Best venue: MY HOMETOWN, BABY. The acoustics KICK ASS. Would have been our best concert, except it was our first and people were nervous. Definitely a close second, though.

And that's that. I'm back.
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I promised these back before the Great Computer Crash, but oh well. Pics from Banff, Canada- 2005 Choir tour

Canada pics )
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I am currently mainlining The Delicious Wolves by Hawksley Workman. The album is crack, yo.

Choir tour went well and I'm back home now- all by myself for three whole days. It's only a little lonely.

Some highlights:

"Well, it had a profound impact on my life- logic and sweater vests." -Robert, discussing his love for Narnia.

"I'm so alone!" Johanna, in her pre-op drag queen voice. Trust me, it's hilarious.

"Who was the asshole who thought dark, wood-paneled walls looked good?" - My last thought before falling asleep the other night.

Made exactly no progress on the novel I should be writing, but so it goes. Maybe I'll get something done this weekend.

It feels so strange, to not have a concert to sing, to not have a bus ride to deal with. Huh.
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All right children.

Am in Bannf and it's beautiful.

Trying to catch up on Friends list. Impossible task.

Happy early birthday to my darling Venna. I bought a Hawksley Workman CD and thought of you. I'll probably be sending you a gift. =D

Duck, everybody else, I miss you all and love you. I'll be home on friday, look for me.

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We leave for choir tour tomorrow at noon. Am still not packed, but some stupid person won't get their laundry out of the machine. Hate living in a building with only 2 washers.

But other than that, meh.

Did two midterms today, the went well. I really, really need to bring my grade up in Cosmos, cause that's looking a bit scary. I'm supposed to take my midterm tomorrow, but I'm not prepared. I'm allowed to take it Monday, though. I just... arg.


Anyway, on a completely shallow note, [livejournal.com profile] cruisedirector has encouraged my Swank rage, so yes.

I hate her stupid face. No, really. She isn't really that talented of an actress and she was certainly not the best of the lot that night. Why, why, why, why? Why?

And poor Martin! I could almost hear my brother's screams of rage when they announced Eastwood. Meh and bah and feh, I tell you.


And the obligatory Lost note: Sun/Kate, anyone? Please?


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