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Ladies and Gentlemen and Denizens of Livejournal:

I live.

No, seriously. Not only do I live, but I live well. I do not feel like shit. I am no longer diseased. When I woke up this morning after eight hours of sleep (as I have gotten for the past two weeks) I didn't feel so exhausted I could cry.

Like a light in the darkness, good glory and hallelujah. It's an absolutely beautiful day outside. When I woke up, it was to sun and warmth. I stumbled out of the bedroom, to the living room, where I noticed that Tiff had gone and left the door open. I went to close the door when I noticed two things. One, I could hear she and Ryan talking in his apartment and two, there was the most delicious smell ever in the hallway.

Ryan had made homemade croissants. From scratch. Omg. *eats them ALL*

So, what have I been up to? I shall update in bullet form, because while I feel fine, I am still lazy beyond all reasoning of nature.

* Been looking for a job. I was informed that I'm getting kicked off my parent's insurance on May 31st. I need a job with benefits or a job that pays enough for me to secure insurance by then.

* In connection with said job, I'm looking at moving to Minneapolis. I am not opposed to moving other places, so long as those other places are a city. Wherever the job market leads me, I guess.

* News flash! Newspaper Adviser still an asshole. More at ten.

* Nah, I'm not gonna write any more about him. He's an asshole.

* I'm, uh, gonna go have coffee with him in a couple hours. Fuck.

* I bought a new home for my fishy! It's a much larger, pretty, glass bowl. He is v. happy.

Yeah, that's about it.

But now that I'm feeling better, you know what to expect. An enormous cate picspam of wellness. It will be happing, friends, oh yes.

Now, tell me good things in the comments. Porn, happy thoughts, pictures, whatever. I deserve good things, dammit. If you can't think of anything good, comment anyway and I will provide a happy thought for you.

With love,
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[ profile] juleskicks has done a meme, which she says is scarily accurate.

I'm going to have to agree. )

Okay, that's all I got. I'm off to Minneapolis for a couple days, to bother my brother and my cousin and hopefully kick some Lakeland Mirror ass at the Best of the Midwest convention.

Yes, I totally do have a newspaper nemesis, shut up.
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Still in office.

Printer refused to print double-truck spread.

Spent all afternoon/night redesigning said spread.

Send help.
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*surfaces blearily*

So, um, it was the Big Fucking Issue this weekend.

20 pages. *boggles* It's so close to being done, but I don't know where my weekend went. Tired.

Also, I broke a nail. *tremendous sadface*

That's all.
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Many, many things have gone wrong with today and I am demanding a do-over, dammit. Also, if anyone knows a good voodoo cure for the headcold from hell, please feel free to share with me.

For now, a love letter. Of sorts.

Dear [ profile] thiran,

Today, in class, one of my professors kept explaining that "together, we have synergism."

It took all my restraint to keep me from yelling "SYNERGISM, JANE."

This is all your fault.

Your mother's a whore,
-[ profile] fantasticmuse

That's all. Carry on.
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The hole in the front page has been filled.

Luckily for me, there was a fire Saturday night, I found out it was fatal this afternoon. I went down to the building to take pictures.

A sign you have been a journalist too long: When you start thinking things like "Luckily for me, there was a fire..."

Anyhow, I don't know where the day's gone. Went to class, took a quiz, worked on the newspaper, did homework and here we are. Eh.

I want the next part of the Jane Eyre mini-series to be on tonight. Sigh. So romantic.


Those damn Bronte sisters, totally ruining my heartless-bitch cred by making me all mushy over love stories. Damn them, I say!

In other news, by brother is trying to teach me ebonics.
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Today's lesson, children, is "always have a plan B."

I've got a hole in my front page six columns by oh... about 9 inches, I think. Lead photo was supposed to be of a one-man show tonight. A show that has been canceled because the actor's father passed away. And the paper goes to bed tonight.

I'm not panicking yet.


It's a pretty big hole, though... *grim face* Better get to work finding a new picture.
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It is [ profile] drellakowalski's birthday today. Best wishes, hon! I hope it's a wonderful year for you at Uni.


I've just gone a bit wild with cleaning. We've all had such a busy two weeks that the apartment looked like crap. I find that getting things straightened up is a good way to get my head sorted out when I'm feeling stressed, so I just went all out.

Didn't do dishes, though. God, I hate doing dishes.

Anyway, on the topic of stress-- first issue of the paper is out. We went through a spectacular redesign this year. New flag, new masthead, new layout, new bylines and pull quotes. It looks pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Even if it was a ton of work to put together.

It's interesting, we're using a lot of white space and vertical space to help define the content. The paper looks very clean and sharp, and easy to read. The overall effect is quite striking. Hopefully the judges will feel the same, come February.


And on the topic of news-- if you would, light a candle sometime and send out some good vibes, just in general. There's a strange wind blowing, it seems. We've had thefts and murders and standoffs, not to mention friends who have a whole lot on their plate, emotionally, right now. And that's just locally. I've been trying to avoid the news for a bit, so I don't start going out of my mind with worry.

Anyway, a little prayer for peace can't hurt.
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Holy fricken' lord.

Ashley, the assistant editor called last night at about 10. The paper wasn't done. It goes to press TODAY at 11.

See, our head editor, Jake, was hired despite the fact that he has NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER.

He was going to write an article about an alum that was killed in a car accident this weekend. I designed my front page, left a spot for it, and he was suppose to place it last night.


Needless to say, the article Ashley and I got was less than perfect. It was copied word for word from an obituary of some sort, then he just blathers on about how we should live each day to the fullest or some crap.

Fuck. Well, okay. So I take his article, re-write it so it's not plagiarism, and try to figure out what to do with the second page.

Oh, did I forget to mention? His article was suppose to jump to the second page and fill the whole thing. HA HA HA. Really funny.

Anyway, Ashley stayed up til 6am working, Richard pinch hit a column to help fill the second page (500 words in an hour, not bad!) And I mentally re-arranged everything so I could fix it today.

Got up early this morning to head to the office, and what do I see but the crappy article ALREADY PLACED. It's on my front page, in all it's plagiarized glory. ARG.

Not only that, but Jake's decided to re-arrange everything on the second page that Ashley stayed up until 6 fucking am to work on. And making look like crap. He actually wanted to CUT Richard's article- so his crappy editorial could go in. WHAT THE HELL. THE BOY HELPED US OUT AND YOU DON'T WANT HIS ARTICLE TO RUN?

Fuck you, sir. Hard, with sharp objects.

And as if all of that isn't bad enough, Ashley called the Adviser, because, y'know, help? And what does he say? "I should really keep my hands out of decisions like this."


Am I wrong, or should an adviser actually ADVISE every once in a while. This isnt' the first time something like this has happened.

I swear to god, Ashley deserves a medal for all that she's had to put up with. She pretty much singlehandedly makes sure the paper doesn't suck.

Christ. I'm going to take her out to dinner when this year's over. She deserves so much love.
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Really don't want to put the paper together now. Was surprised with the fact that we switched software today. Meh. I want to be done early so I can see my parents tomorrow, not sitting here figuring out new software. So far, it's not horrible to work with- and has a couple of very nice benefits, but whatever. Didn't want to have to figure it out today.

Last night I went to see Anne Christoperson- phenomenal soprano. She did a sort of "tour the world" set- around two dozen songs in six languages. Very, very interesting performance, she's got a lot of power which is always nice to hear in a soprano. After the recital I wandered down to the Art department to check on the Dress Rehearsal of the Midieval Feast that the art history class is doing. I'm excited to go, we get to wear costumes and all sorts of things.

And actually, the night after that I'm working at the International Restaurant Night- dressing up(again) and serving food from all different cultures. Have to brush up on my extremely rusty Norwegian and my almost non-existent Swedish. Luckily all we have to say is a few phrases in the language we chose to dress up for.

*sigh* Need to finish my page.
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Meeting soon. Nervous. Fear that I may be blamed and fired.

*curls up*

So nervous!


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