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1. If you were writing a comic book about me would I be a hero or villain?
2. What would my hero or villain be called?
3. What would my super powers be?
4. Who would be my arch-nemesis?
5. Would I have a sidekick, and if so what would they be called?
6. How did I get my powers?
7. Describe my costume.
8. What is my weakness?

FURTHERMORE. Livejournal, stop being ass. Fandom, please express yourself logically and without the paranoid screaming we're all so fond of. World, cut me a little slack, here, okay?

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We leave for choir tour tomorrow at noon. Am still not packed, but some stupid person won't get their laundry out of the machine. Hate living in a building with only 2 washers.

But other than that, meh.

Did two midterms today, the went well. I really, really need to bring my grade up in Cosmos, cause that's looking a bit scary. I'm supposed to take my midterm tomorrow, but I'm not prepared. I'm allowed to take it Monday, though. I just... arg.


Anyway, on a completely shallow note, [ profile] cruisedirector has encouraged my Swank rage, so yes.

I hate her stupid face. No, really. She isn't really that talented of an actress and she was certainly not the best of the lot that night. Why, why, why, why? Why?

And poor Martin! I could almost hear my brother's screams of rage when they announced Eastwood. Meh and bah and feh, I tell you.


And the obligatory Lost note: Sun/Kate, anyone? Please?
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Apparently LJ doesn't want me to post my rage about Hillary Swank.

But I do have rage.

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Fucking studios. How can they deny me my firefly!!!!!!!!! *wail*
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Go read about Mal in [ profile] idol_reflection.

It doesn't matter,just do it. I said so.

Okay. A question.

Which of my icons do you associate with me? Telll meeeeeee.
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This hurts me. In my soul.

There are no words for how they have defiled one of my favorite books of all time. No words.

Seriously. Ella was one of the best heroines. Strong, sassy, not particularly beautiful, wonderful.


My life will never be the same again. =(


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