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I just listened to all five hours of the audiobook version of Written by the Victors, a SGA magnum opus that has no rivals for scope, creativity and a richly imagined universe. In any fandom. In any writing, period.

For those of you who don't want to slog through 50,000 words or five hours of audio (do it anyway), the story can be summed up as this: "History became legend, legend became myth, and things that should not have been forgotten were lost."

It's a gorgeous story of the founding of a new people, told in parts through the opinions of those who were never there, and in parts by the people who lived it. Basically? It's like listening to a fascinating NPR documentary, interrupted by a woman with a gorgeous British voice who would like to read me porn. Awesome.

And my iTunes decided to follow it with Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

I have no idea what that means.


Work goes well. Actually I mostly have been trying to acclimate to actually working a regular 8-5 job. It's been strange. Getting up in the morning blows, but yes we all knew that. Usually the work makes it worth it, it's the getting there that's the problem. Compounded by the several inches of snow we now have. Oh, Minnesota. And also La Nina.

One of my munchkins is the king of non sequitur, to my delight. A typical conversation between us goes like this:

Me: Awesome job! What letter is this? *holds up a letter card*
Him: *stares blankly, breaks into a grin* I'm ELEVEN!
Me: ...yes. Yes you are! Way to be!



That being said, hi! I hope you're all doing splendidly. Do tell me what you've been up to, as I've been a bit... busy. *falls over*
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I have a lot of things I want to say, but I am severely ADD tonight.


I'm getting files ready for pre-school screening on Tuesday. So far we've had an Anakin, and best of all, twins named Este Lorien and Varda Elentari.

I am so not kidding.

They have an older sister named Galadriel.


[ profile] kerminator2003, you might find this somewhat... ironic/amusing? Eli's wife Liz asked me if I wanted to work at the camp-- apparently they're short-staffed. I have to go and talk to them on Tuesday.

Which is to say, I might be working at a Bible Camp.


I've been to my mom's class several days now. All the kids recognize me, and mom introduced me as her daughter. Today when I arrived at the school, mom's back was to me and she didn't know I was there until one of the kids smiled and said "Teacher, teacher! Your mom is here!"

Mmhmm. That's about it right there.
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Yeah, so maybe I took a couple of mental health days. And maybe I spent all morning in my bathrobe eating cinnamon bread and watching the Babysitters' Club movie on tv. And maybe I even cried a little because of it, what?



Babysitters' Club SO GAY. Baby dykes, lol! Must find fic now. I know it exists.

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Very sleepy tonight, I'll catch up on comments and the like tomorrow. :)

Three things:

Sir Ian needs to be my sparkly gay gentleman caller.

I got to put in my two weeks at work. :D

If you would all send positive job-type thoughts at me, I would appreciate it. Something looking good on the horizon, but I don't want to jinx it.

An old favorite )

Meh. LJ crapped the formatting and I can't be bothered to fix it. To see the original, and correct (and awesome) formatting, go here.

In other news, I watched bits of due South today. I have this habit of reading fic before I see the canon-- I've been reading due South fic for years. Today I was bored and had access to youtube and, well...

how come no one told me Paul Gross' voice was so goddamn sexy! FIRED, THE LOT OF YOU.

My world has tilted. O.O
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...huh. Ari Gold is a slasher.
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Dear life, the universe, and everything,

Okay, I am tired of being diseased. I have survived two weeks of a sore throat. I have survived a week of having the most disgusting eyes ever. But really, having to go to the ER last night because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding for 45 minutes? And waking up with a cough rattling in my lungs and sounding like pneumonia?

Fuck. Off. This is so not on.

-[ profile] fantasticmuse


Dear Ed Norton,

Dammit, warn a girl before you wander around on tv dressed as a priest. Even with that awful hair.

Ow. My ovaries.

So yours you can't even believe it,
[ profile] fantasticmuse
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...have been kidnapped by [ profile] thiran and [ profile] captaincooze.

Pray for me as we venture to Morris to prove that [ profile] captaincooze actually has a home and isn't just living in a box somewhere, or the library at the college.

Also- I read V for Vendetta this morning. So. Much. Love.

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Okay, fine, I am here, alive, whatever. I am afraid I've become incredibly boring. Not that I wasn't before, natch. It's just gotten worse.

Here are some things I know:

-Working on the newspaper is going to rock.

-Grad school choices narrowed down to Arizona, Washington and Michigan, in that order.

-I don't miss choir at all.

-But I do miss the music

-Research question for this semester's Big Epic Paper will be: "What are students looking for in the rhetorical space on college campuses? (Case study: my campus) Terribly exciting, I know.

-I, um. I bought more movies. Dammit, the sale was good and I can't resist the lure of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving and my beloved Cate in the same movie.

Alright, that's enough. This has made me feel strangely accomplished, despite the fact that I've got a quiz tomorrow on 70 pages of material I haven't looked at. Damn.
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Okay. So. I am so totally here and not dead. Yes.


I had a fun birthday? And I've had the house to myself for the past few days, which is spectacular. Alas, it's back to the real world now. The family returns, and I work tomorrow.

I have mostly passed my time on the internets, so here. Have another infodump. and

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, PEOPLE. A million hearts and also I have a huge crush on wiki_pedia. That is all.

Possibly the best fic of all time. At least the crackiest. CSI and Willy Wonka crossover. I shit you not, people.

Behind the Scenes for MST3K fans. Excellent.

Mick Jagger PWNS Dubya.

And finally, those of you who have not, get the to Pandora Radio. It is my squishy.

Damn, yoga was brutal tonight. I can definitely tell I've not gone in a while. It was good to be there on the solstice, though. Speaking of which, happy longest day of the year! For like, fifteen more minutes, yay!

Um. I painted my fingernails, they look pretty.

That is all.

Oh, no it's not! Have a pic. My backyard at sunrise a day or two ago.

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The whole nannying/babysitting business went much better today. It was almost as if someone flipped a switch overnight. She offered information, actually asked to do something and stopped trying to crawl into the walls when asked a question. She still didn't say much, but it was better than all the other days I've looked after her.

I am in that wonderful state of boredom that comes from having stuff to do but not really wanting to do it. Bleah.

*wastes time on the internets*

P.S. Surf Ninjas was on tv today. Ah, childhood. *mad laughter*
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Dude, you are so lucky you're a fictional charater. And also not in a room with me, because I'd have slapped you so hard you'd feel it for a year.

Homg. Why are all these people so stupid?
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AHahaha. Oh Greg. I love you.

*eleven million hearts*


Somehow it seems appropriate.

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So, the roommates and company went to Boston over spring break.

They told me they went to the Old North Church. I squeed, because yay history! And also, for those of you who have seen National Treasure: Sean Bean.

Today, they brought me a gift. It's a copy of the Declaration of Independence. That they found at the church. With their signatures added at the bottom.

I love them so much.

[ profile] twinkledru, you may approve. =D

Also, [ profile] dien gave me a gift in the form of Willem Dafoe playing a priest. Yeah. It's been a good day.

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Room to myself, yay!

*dances around a bit*

I think I will talk about fannish things, because I actually have stuff to talk about.

1. Everyone on SGA except Ronon should BE EATEN BY WRAITH. Why yes, I did just watch "Micheal" and holy cow, everyone is SO STUPID. Sigh. Too bad I love them all so much. I must say that SGA is definitely one of those shows where the fic is far superior to the actual episodes.

2. Of all things, Brokeback Mountain is coming to this tiny town in North Dakota. Holy shit. We're going to see it today. I hope there are protesters.

3. Has anyone read Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block? Or any of the Weetzie Bat books? No one seems to have heard of them... and I, of course, am writing fic.

4. On that note, which WIP should I finish? We've got Zombie!fic, some Frodo/Pippin from forever ago, some weird-ass Firefly stuff, National Treasure fic or something for The Dark is Rising. Or possibly I should work on my paper. Which I've titled Lewis/Tolkien OTP so as to make myself think I'm writing fic.
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Okay, life is better. No rehearsal until Sunday, thank god, and even then it's my song vocals and not the godawful boring chorus work. I mean, it's fun, but the pace is awfully slow. Especially compared to choir.

Anyway. House.

Ahem. I love Hugh Laurie and I love House. I am House. Or I will be when I grow up. Except for the doctor thing. And the man thing. Also the limp. But Tiffany gets to be Wilson! Only we will have way less homoerotic tension, on account of me and Tiffany don't want to hook up whereas Wilson and House *totally* do.

*snugs them both*

*with an extra snug for Wilson, 'cause hey! He's Claudio! And he got a haircut*
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Two things:


Leave me a list in the comments of things you are bringing to the room. I will start here:
clicky clicky )

Anyway, comment with your lists. I will add up here as I remember.

Thing Two:

OMG. Fannishness. New season of Ghost Hunters and TRIPPING THE RIFT, starting next wednesday. *FLAIL*

Also: Have read HPB. Was not surprised, completely. Enjoyed it v. much.

Also also: Due South. Man, how can I read a fandom I've never seen the canon for. I don't know. But it is LOVE.

Also also also: Jedi Hobbits. Succumb to their charm.

Yeah, that's all. I love my flist and I will spam with memes tomorrow, maybe. I have to help Autumn move her stuff in South Dakota tomorrow, so we'll see.
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Hey look.

I can write in this thing! When did that happ... oh. Yes.


ANYway. Work, sleep, repeat. And my family has left me for Texas. =( I don't mind being alone, but the house does feel a little too big.

I had some revelations today, while bored out of my mind at work. Predictably, I'm too lazy to write them down here. Let's just say they involved my attitude towards certain things. Like... stuff that used to make me angry just makes me... tired. And sad. But not overly so. Sad in the way that the cancellation of X-Files was sad. End of an era, but *damn* it was about time.

I've discovered that my newest kink is long, plotty Phantom Menace fic. Shut up.

oh my GOD I can't get enough.

Er. Considering my... limited attention span, getting me to read anything over about five pages is a miracle. Yesterday I read over 900K of fic. Yes. 900K. I read for... like... four hours? Five?

I feel vaguely ashamed to be admitting that.
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Long entry. In case you wonder where I've been.

Work )

Home )

Fandom )

Also: Some recs:

[ profile] twinkledru has written Buffy/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan. Don't question it, just go read it!

And, Darling [ profile] captaincooze has been coaxed into National Treasure fic. Go read over at [ profile] selfevident_nt.

Maybe one day, I'll write fic again!!! Heh.
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Computer. Mine. Back.

Lost. Sawyer! Jack! Jackandsawyer. Mmmm. Still feel the need for Sun/Kate. And the standard comment about Locke and Boone.

Oooo. Tornado warning. *goes outside to watch*
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1. It's snowing. WTF.
2. I didn't do my paper. I'm not doing it now. WTF, self. Do your work!
3. Why can't I just have one fandom where I don't fall headfirst into an OT3. WTF!

Yeah, that's about all, for now. I need to call the cable company. Oh, yeah. And that paper thing, too.

P.S. On Lost withdrawl: Boone and Locke are still gonna hook up. Don't argue with me. And would somebody please write Sun/Kate, for god's sake. I'd do it, except for, you know, my general suckiness at living right now.


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