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Whoo boy, do I hate being poor. *looks mournfully at bank statement*

Grandma Pearl's funeral was today, it was a nice little thing-- about a hundred or so people there, good food as well (this is a very important part of my family's funeral routine). Saw all the cousins and such. All in all, just very nice.

Hrm. Worked tonight at the theater, which is a good thing (see: first sentence of entry). Was v. busy, of course, because of Potter and Walk the Line.

Speaking of Potter, I saw it at the Midnight show in Jamestown and was greatly amused. I may go on about it after I see it again, but overall it was a pretty good movie.

What else? Oh. My family. My family is so funny. Let me tell you why I love them.
I love them because... )

Mom also made me a hat. So cute, must take pictures. Eventually.

So that's the state of things. I should be around more often starting tomorrow or Monday. Had to get the funeral and everything out of the way, first. Now, my Autumn is on her way over. I'll see you all tomorrow.
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Talked to mom about Grandma Pearl, and thank you all for the condolences-- they're much appreciated. Grandma Pearl was an amazing woman. She lived in Chicago on her own as a young woman, she taught my mom to drive, she could cook the best food, make her own pickles, and kick the tar out of any relative that dared step out of line.

She loved margaritas and knew several dozen hymns by heart. She could bend over and touch her toes with no trouble when she was 90, even after a hip and knee replacements.

She loved her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids and pretty much everyone else. And even though I don't much hold with god, or heaven, or even afterlife... somehow I feel like there's a warrior there now, and she's looking after me.

Love you, Grandma-- I'll be sure to have an extra margarita for you when I can. And I'll sing a hymn while doing it. I can hear you laughing now.
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Grandma Pearl, to no one's surprise, is awake and eating and mumbling gibberish. Stubborn old you-know-what. I'm pleased, of course-- we're going on vacation now and the family reunion is going off as scheduled.

She might yet see her 101st birthday. *shakes head* Tough old bird. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern. <3.

Anyway, I'll see you all on Sunday. Vacation time!
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So, gran called tonight. Great-Grandma's had a stroke. They called my aunt and she's gone up there-- Gran also left to spend time with her. It's not good.

She probably won't last. She'll be 101 in something like a week. She might be. I don't know.

I should feel sad, I know. But she's had a long, wonderful life and she hasn't been herself for at least five years. She hasn't been much of a person, even, for the last two.

I still love her, of course. I used to go to her apartment-- she had a closetful of toys, I clearly remember a doll that was my mother's and a neon green teddy bear. We played with them for *hours*. And she made wonderful refrigerator pickles. She could twist the cap on so tightly that my dad could barely open it. And she was in her eighties!

We'll hear more tomorrow. I think I'm gonna find that teddy bear. She gave it to me when she moved out of that apartment.
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Oi! Packing, still. Will it never end?
Meh. Am too tired to care now. *g*

Tomorrow is my great grandmother's 99th birthday. Well, actually Monday is, but we are celebrating tomorrow. She's an amazing lady. Lived on her own and drove a car 'til she was 93. I hope I inherited some of her spunk.

I'm actually looking forward to going and being with my family. As families go, mine is pretty awesome. We get along for the most part, and those that don't can suck it up for a few hours for the good of the family. That last part sounds a bit Mafia doesn't it?

Wow am I tired. Damn allergies making me feel yucky.

/insane post. For now.


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