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but then I thought of this.


If you think I have it, you're wrong. You have two days. Comments are screened.
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Help me name him...
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Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday. Yesterday I made this guy, he's sitting on the table on my balcony right now. What's your favorite part of halloween?
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Okay, I do not have enough done on ANYTHING, but my panic has subsided somewhat.

So now you get a... something. Whatever this is.

First: A concise summary of Zombie Day.

20 people, 4 main dishes, 3 pies, 2 annoying cousins and 1 threat from grandma to get drunk and sing karaoke.

Number of times Gran's actually gotten drunk and sung karaoke: 2 and counting

Second: New Stuff.

New shoes (so fucking sexy, pics later), new glasses prescription and frames (also sexy), new bridesmaid dress (not sexy, but pretty), new lease on life.

Third: Doctor Visit!

tmi? I don't know. )
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Happy Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate.

And though I'm late, Happy Solstice! The dark days are over!

If I had a wish (because this is the time for wishes, when love and magic are strong) I would wish that everyone would be able to find their own version of speaking peace and seeking the light. Well. And I'd wish for a pony, but.

Speak peace and seek the light. It's been a mantra, for a while. I'm going to ramble about what it means, to me, for a bit. Because it's my journal and I can. This is a declaration of intention, and of my personal belief.


The mantra is in two parts, the first is for the outside world. Speak Peace. It sounds simple, but believe me, it's not. Speaking peace is not about placation or appeasement. It's about using your voice to support the Harmony, the Justice. Peace is achieved through balance and to achieve balance, sometimes one must fight. Never sit down, never be quiet when something is unbalanced. Call unfairness what it is, to it's face. Tell people who need love that you love them, and mean it. Accept love from others unconditionally. Speak Peace. Speak for Peace. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

The second is for the self. Seek the light. Remember to always look to better yourself. When there is a problem, look inward and honestly first. If you are the cause of the problem, look for a way to better communicate why you think the way you do. And when looking honestly, know when it is you that needs to change in order to Speak Peace. But by the same token, if you (honestly, truly, not-just-wanting-to-get-your-way) see that it is others that need to change, don't give up what you believe for them. Light is, like Peace, achieved through balance. Seek the light. Never stop learning, add each experience, good and bad, to your Self. Let the world shape you as you shape it. Seek the light.

This is what I try. This is where I am. I often fall short. I let myself get involved in discord. I let my laziness and petty hurts keep me in the dark. I stop trying when it becomes too hard. I know this, I acknowledge this and I seek the courage to overcome.

May I be safe. May I be healthy. May I walk with ease in this world.
I choose to be safe. I choose to be healthy. I choose to walk with ease in this world.

Om Shanti Om.

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I am filled with squee today.

Today in class was the story of Turin, which happens to be my favorite. I also overheard one guy say: "You know, when I watched the movie, I thought Aragorn was sort of a coward. But he's really different in the books."

And I squeed. Because people were reading the books. And noticing and appreciating the difference between them.

Now, I'm not a "the books are better than the movies" person, because they are two different mediums- its like comparing apples and shoelaces.

But I am happy when people read the books, because there is such a wealth there to enjoy.


I got two packages in the mail today as well. One from my parents- they sent me some pajamas and chocolates from Mr. B's. Mr. B is a friend of my dad who is a photographer by trade (like my dad) but he went to Belgium for a while and became a chocolatier as well. His shop is fabulous. It's all done up as a Medieval castle, real artifacts and tapestries and stained glass windows. Plus his photography studio is in the basement.

Anyway, he makes the best chocolate this side of anywhere. A he handcrafts those chocolate roses you see sometimes- they're gorgeous. =D

My aunt sent a package as well. Lots of candy and fun magnets and stickers and stuff that I really shouldn't get so excited over, but I do. I got a box of altoids from her too. My favorite.

Plus I'm wearing nice socks and new jeans. Life is good.
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Happy Halloween, or whatever it is you celebrate. I'll be posting some scary!vampire!fic later, and maybe some origfic if you're lucky. Halloween makes me happy happy.

And now, something for your entertainment:

Friday Five

1. What was your first Halloween costume?
It was an adorable bunny costume- white footie pajamas with a hat that had rabbit ears. I don't actually remember it, but there are tons of pictures of me in it with my grandpa.

2. What was your best costume and why?
I think my best costume may actually be this year. It's a homemade gypsy costume and it looks really great. I'll probably be able to wear it for some Renn Faire stuff down the road. =D The Raggedy Ann and Medea costumes were pretty kickass too, though.

3. Did you ever play a trick on someone who didn't give you a treat?
Not really, I've never tricked anyone that wasn't the younger neighborhood kids. Living in the pseudo-country with abandoned, rotting barns is fun for scary stories, yo.

4. Do you have any Halloween traditions? (ie: Family pumpkin carving, special dinner before trick or treating, etc.)
My family always carved pumpkins- but it seems we always put it off til the last minute- we did it the day before or the day of Halloween. Roasting pumpkin seeds was fun too. Our house was all decorated, Mom loves stuff like that. But that was pretty much it for tradition. Ask me again around Christmas and I'll write you volumes.

5. Share your favorite scary story...real or legend!
This is hard... I love scary stories. But if I had to choose... It would be The Yellow Wallpaper by someone I can never remember and The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.

All the stories of hauntings you see on the History Channel are fun, too. And the story of that woman who bathed in young girl's blood. Her name was... Elizabeth something, and they bricked her up in a wall and left her to die.

:D :D :D No, I'm not morbid at all.
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I think it's because I've been so busy.

Fourth of July weekend=madness in my hometown. See, this town has a population of like 1,000 people most of the year. It's on a lake, so that number goes up by about a thousand in the summer what with all the cabins and summer homes and the like. This is manageable of course, all it means is that we have to deal with people asking for directions and restaurant recommendations a lot.

However on the 4th, the population is approximately 10,000. I kid you not. An extra eight thousand people come pouring into this little, tiny town- for no other reason than to get drunk. Yeah. Driving is really, really fun this time of the year.


Also, the boy just said something funny:

VH1 goes inside MTV's The Real World. Do you know how many registered trademarks are in that sentence?
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Happy Whatever day to you all! Ha. I greeted my holiday by going to work. So much for religious tradition. Actually, speaking of that, I must say that Easter is my least favorite church service. It's always over-crowded and over-warm. Oh well, the music tends to be good at least. Plus, any thing that causes a break in school can't be that bad.

Ummm... what was I going to say? Oh well, nevermind. Just have a happy day everyone!


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