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Sad to say, I trashed firefox and downloaded opera. Tragic, I know, but at least now I have a browser that my computer doesn't reject viciously every other day.

...which is to say, I can post in LJ more often, now.


Here are the things I know, just in case you were wondering.

-[ profile] dien will be visiting, starting wednesday. I'm trying to arrange snow for her, but my roommate keeps trying to smother me in my sleep when I mention it.

- Mom had a birthday, I got to send her flowers at work and be obnoxious about it. I've kinda always wanted to do that.

-I went as Nellie Lovett for Halloween. Bloody apron, meat pies with fingers and all. I'm awesome.

-Election tomorrow. Consider this a warning: if you can read this, are a US citizen and over eighteen, you'd best be voting tomorrow.

I do not care who you vote for (well, I do, but I'm not trying to pressure you into voting my way) but you damn well better vote. Abstaining is not an acceptable form of protest-- many people are running for president, find one you can vote for or write someone in. Voting buys you the right to complain.

That's all.
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Good god, nobody listen to anything [ profile] polskipiwo says.

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Well hello there.

Let me give you a clue as to what's happening in my life. Some of you may know most of this.

-having had The Boy living on my couch for three weeks, I now have him safely settled into his new apartment. Which is much nicer than mine.

-the futon was empty for precisely one night, after which [ profile] stanielson laid claim to it, as she has job interviews here this week.

-she's, uh, going to be moving in with me at a new apartment when this lease is up in October. And that is because...

-current!roommate is likely moving to antarctica. Yes, antarctica. Yes. Antarctica.

-I am pleased as punch about that fact, actually. I love it when my friends have adventures.

So mostly I'm apartment hunting. Also? My boss left us.

Life has been, how do you say? Crazy. Yes.


So, as it is, I would kill for some gleeful, squeeful joy. Tell me something that makes your heart burst from love of it.
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"I've decided I want to be a five-year-old when I grow up. A five-year-old or a postcard maker. Yeah."

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I'm trying to get The Boy to credit me as "Awesome" in the movie he and the Amazing Jonathan are submitting to the festival.

All in favor, raise your hands!

(For those of you keeping track at home, I ghostwrote the script, played assistant director, helped with costuming and makeup, did one voice over appearance and generally pestered them about editing and direction. Also I fought with The Boy, and ganged up on the Amazing Jonathan with him when he got crazy ideas into his head, both things that are VERY necessary.)
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"Al Gore, you are an inconvenient truth, aren't you?"

-Jenna, out of nowhere and fondly to a picture of Al Gore in a magazine.
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Many, many things have gone wrong with today and I am demanding a do-over, dammit. Also, if anyone knows a good voodoo cure for the headcold from hell, please feel free to share with me.

For now, a love letter. Of sorts.

Dear [ profile] thiran,

Today, in class, one of my professors kept explaining that "together, we have synergism."

It took all my restraint to keep me from yelling "SYNERGISM, JANE."

This is all your fault.

Your mother's a whore,
-[ profile] fantasticmuse

That's all. Carry on.
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The bad: I am actually sick, my throat is raw and my chest is tight. Also, I can't focus enough to write, and that makes me sad.

The good: As of about 11 this morning, I am done with this week. And tomorrow we're having a girly slumber party complete with champagne and homemade cookies. Rock.

So, how's everyone? Tell me something new. :)
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Really, it's not a full day until one of your friends threatens to "stab you with holy water."

I don't even know.
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...have been kidnapped by [ profile] thiran and [ profile] captaincooze.

Pray for me as we venture to Morris to prove that [ profile] captaincooze actually has a home and isn't just living in a box somewhere, or the library at the college.

Also- I read V for Vendetta this morning. So. Much. Love.

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So, the roommates and company went to Boston over spring break.

They told me they went to the Old North Church. I squeed, because yay history! And also, for those of you who have seen National Treasure: Sean Bean.

Today, they brought me a gift. It's a copy of the Declaration of Independence. That they found at the church. With their signatures added at the bottom.

I love them so much.

[ profile] twinkledru, you may approve. =D

Also, [ profile] dien gave me a gift in the form of Willem Dafoe playing a priest. Yeah. It's been a good day.


Hear this!

Jun. 18th, 2005 11:35 pm
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I love [ profile] danachan and so should you.
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Okay, what's all the fuss about?

ETA: Ahahahahah Livejournal I love you.
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So last night I went to the theater afterhours.

With my boys.

They made up a game in the lobby where they used broomhandles as bats and wet rags as baseballs. Yeah.

Then Brenden showed up with the equipment to play video games on the big screen. Except they didn't.

As Beau put it:

"20,000 dollars worth of equipment here and we're hitting rags with sticks. Fuck you 21st century!"

Yeah. That was my night.
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Marriage is love.

I've always felt a little sorry for the day after Valentine's.

I like watching romances. I'm not too good at them myself, although I try. But that doesn't really upset me, because I like watching people being in love.

Take last night, for instance. There was a formal dance- lots of fun, great dj, it was awesome. But one of my friends, who we shall call L, didn't go. Why, you ask? Well, he has been getting close to another of our friends named...A. She works in the dorm and had to stay in last night, she was working. So L decided not to go, ordered a crapload of pizza and they watched scary movies snuggled together in the same over-sized armchair.

I nearly died from the cute. I love romance.

Also- the couple that got married in San Fransisco, the one that had been together for 50 some years? Holy shit. If anyone deserves to get married, it's them. I cried when I saw the pictures of them, it's just so... romantic. And wonderful. And fuck you, Mr. Bush. The two women kissing in that picture I saw; kissing after they said their wedding vows are just as much in love as L and A, cuddling together on Valentine's Day. They deserve just as much happiness.

But there is power in love. I truly believe that. So today I'm going to tell everyone who is important to me I love them. The day after Valentine's seems like a good place to start.
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Had a post ready last night, but my browser et it. It was very tragic.

To sum up:

Paid Account! *loves the [ profile] danachan more than is probably healthy*

Master and Commander- finished it, liked it

Still sick

My last appointment with my surgeon today, no more trips back! w00t!

My friend Breanne is now having surgery. Have presents for her. V. cute.

Saw ROTK again, noticed some fun stuff this time.

Random things I(and in some cases April) noticed )

So yay!

Also: ICONS!!!!!
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My darling, dearest friend Gabriel just called me. The conversation went like this:

Phone: *rings*

Me: Hello?

Gabe: You're going to die in seven days.

Me: Funny, Gabe. What's up?

Gabe: Guess what we're doing in 45 minutes?

Me: ...

Gabe: Watching Return of the King. (at this point I can HEAR him smirking)


At this point my brother gets on the phone.

The Boy: Hi! =D =D

Me: I hate you.

The Boy: =D Guess what?

Me: *growl*

The Boy: You know how Return of the King is a long movie? And I have school tomorrow?

Me: Yeah...

The Boy: Well it's snowing out. School is two hours late tomorrow.

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Saw my brother's school's rendition of The Hobbit. Very cute, all in all. And for a small town school and a small town budget, they had some nifty special effects.


Bilbo was played by a girl- a very talented actress and a good friend of mine.

Gollum was played by a 6'2" football player. =D He did really well. He wore all black, but his hands, feet and face were covered in paint that glowed under the black lights. Quite cool, actually.

My brother played Thorin. He was teh cyoot. Don't ever tell him I said that.

Sting was fairly impressive, too. Glow-in-the-dark hairspray covering the blade makes it glow under blacklight, just like Gollum. So it was very realistic.

Smaug looked just a little bit like Barney. Color me amused.


The weekend was fun- I got to go to a Wal-Mart that didn't close at 10pm, hallelujah! And I got to go back to where I used to work and see everyone. Fun, because I actually liked working there.

We'll be heading back up north around 4 today. Which means I'll be home around 9. I'm glad I don't have any homework this weekend. Not that it would have been hard to do it here, just that I wouldn't have wanted to do it.

I'm going to catch up on email and LJ comments today. Really. I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... and all that rot. ;D


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