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No. It's not.

It is, however, newsfilled and informative! With bullet points:

-[ profile] stanielson is gainfully employed. Congratulate her!

-We have a new apartment and we're moving Oct. 1.

-New apartment has TWO BATHROOMS and a DISHWASHER. Other things as well, like a kitchen and living room, but those don't merit capslock.

-My hours have been cut at work because it's a slow time of year. *grimace*

-[ profile] polskipiwo is out of control. Look at what she's making me do:

Leave a comment, and I will:

a) Tell you why I friended you.
b) Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you.
e) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
f) Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
g) in return, you must post this on your own lj.

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Well hello there.

Let me give you a clue as to what's happening in my life. Some of you may know most of this.

-having had The Boy living on my couch for three weeks, I now have him safely settled into his new apartment. Which is much nicer than mine.

-the futon was empty for precisely one night, after which [ profile] stanielson laid claim to it, as she has job interviews here this week.

-she's, uh, going to be moving in with me at a new apartment when this lease is up in October. And that is because...

-current!roommate is likely moving to antarctica. Yes, antarctica. Yes. Antarctica.

-I am pleased as punch about that fact, actually. I love it when my friends have adventures.

So mostly I'm apartment hunting. Also? My boss left us.

Life has been, how do you say? Crazy. Yes.


So, as it is, I would kill for some gleeful, squeeful joy. Tell me something that makes your heart burst from love of it.
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Okay here's the deal.

Several months ago, my good laptop died. I started using the old clamshell from circa 2000. Now the power cord on that is dead. I've ordered a new one, but I'm limited to stealing my roommate's compy until then.

My weekends have looked like this:

Friends visiting

Friends visiting
Birthday weekend

July 4th


Suffice to say I'm busy. It's good, it's totally good, but I miss fandom and writing. I'm trying to get back into it.

And... stuff. There you are. I'm as eloquent as ever.
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1. Work is aight. I'm getting to the point where it's no longer nice to just go to work. Luckily I get paid on Wed. That always eases the pain.

2. Hopefully, after said paycheck, I will be buying a plane ticket to Cali for [ profile] dien and ComiCon. My joy can not be textually rendered.

3. Fandom is kinda explodey, huh?

4. Of course I have a new plan for life: Get my TEFL over the course of the next school year, then look to applying for a master's program in Creative Writing. Hopefully in Oregon? Possibly Minneapolis, we'll see.


6. It is the time of year known as Birthday Weekend. It will be, possibly, the best weekend ever.

7. I'm having cramps, they make me want to die.
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Ladies and Gentlemen and Denizens of Livejournal:

I live.

No, seriously. Not only do I live, but I live well. I do not feel like shit. I am no longer diseased. When I woke up this morning after eight hours of sleep (as I have gotten for the past two weeks) I didn't feel so exhausted I could cry.

Like a light in the darkness, good glory and hallelujah. It's an absolutely beautiful day outside. When I woke up, it was to sun and warmth. I stumbled out of the bedroom, to the living room, where I noticed that Tiff had gone and left the door open. I went to close the door when I noticed two things. One, I could hear she and Ryan talking in his apartment and two, there was the most delicious smell ever in the hallway.

Ryan had made homemade croissants. From scratch. Omg. *eats them ALL*

So, what have I been up to? I shall update in bullet form, because while I feel fine, I am still lazy beyond all reasoning of nature.

* Been looking for a job. I was informed that I'm getting kicked off my parent's insurance on May 31st. I need a job with benefits or a job that pays enough for me to secure insurance by then.

* In connection with said job, I'm looking at moving to Minneapolis. I am not opposed to moving other places, so long as those other places are a city. Wherever the job market leads me, I guess.

* News flash! Newspaper Adviser still an asshole. More at ten.

* Nah, I'm not gonna write any more about him. He's an asshole.

* I'm, uh, gonna go have coffee with him in a couple hours. Fuck.

* I bought a new home for my fishy! It's a much larger, pretty, glass bowl. He is v. happy.

Yeah, that's about it.

But now that I'm feeling better, you know what to expect. An enormous cate picspam of wellness. It will be happing, friends, oh yes.

Now, tell me good things in the comments. Porn, happy thoughts, pictures, whatever. I deserve good things, dammit. If you can't think of anything good, comment anyway and I will provide a happy thought for you.

With love,
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Most of my plans for this afternoon have been effectively killed, as I went to take a half-hour nap at 1:30 and woke up four hours later. Dammmit, I have too much to do to be sleeping like that.

So, in lieu of finishing one of the eight million things I have to do to get ready to put a paper out this weekend, I will tell you a story. Yes, I realized I've been like the walking dead recently.

So, you all remember Super Cool Comm Prof, right? The one who scared me half to death by calling me from the hospital?

Well, she's not Super Cool for no reason.
She got her first degree in math... )

Alright, all that aside, there is something I'd like to say.

If you are on my flist, I read your journal. Every single entry, for the most part. I'm absolute shit at commenting and even posting my own entries because my life's really busy. And you know what? I don't feel bad about that.

But I do want to reassure people. If you're here, I read you. Fic, angst posts, random spam, I promise I read it all, even if I don't say anything. I often think of you all. I hope that you all know that I'm willing to lend an ear to you at any time, and I'm easy to find. AIM and LJ Talk and my email are all in my profile. I know I hate to randomly IM people because I feel like I'm interrupting something. So here's your permission to ping me whenever you want about whatever you want.

I tend to do a lot better expressing myself over chat and the phone, anyway. Journal entries and comments seem so... formal, as though there are rules I might break.

Anyway, I just wanted to say all that.
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The day my life slows down from mach 10 will be a very, very good day.

Unfortunately, that day will not be here until at least next week.

Expect random bursts of insanity.

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It is [ profile] drellakowalski's birthday today. Best wishes, hon! I hope it's a wonderful year for you at Uni.


I've just gone a bit wild with cleaning. We've all had such a busy two weeks that the apartment looked like crap. I find that getting things straightened up is a good way to get my head sorted out when I'm feeling stressed, so I just went all out.

Didn't do dishes, though. God, I hate doing dishes.

Anyway, on the topic of stress-- first issue of the paper is out. We went through a spectacular redesign this year. New flag, new masthead, new layout, new bylines and pull quotes. It looks pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Even if it was a ton of work to put together.

It's interesting, we're using a lot of white space and vertical space to help define the content. The paper looks very clean and sharp, and easy to read. The overall effect is quite striking. Hopefully the judges will feel the same, come February.


And on the topic of news-- if you would, light a candle sometime and send out some good vibes, just in general. There's a strange wind blowing, it seems. We've had thefts and murders and standoffs, not to mention friends who have a whole lot on their plate, emotionally, right now. And that's just locally. I've been trying to avoid the news for a bit, so I don't start going out of my mind with worry.

Anyway, a little prayer for peace can't hurt.
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Hm, okay. Some things I learned this past week are that I am SO not a scientist and I hate the Comm discipline. Yes, I know you've heard this all before. I also learned the banana chocolate chip muffins and chocolate chip cookies make life better. Or really, just chocolate in general.

Mango martinis are really good. Mmmm.

Also, I love teaching. This is not new, but I'm glad it's still true.

Also also, apparently all it takes to distract me in a debate is to be cute and wearing an oversize button-down man's white shirt. Again, I say mmmmm. *facepalm* I am hopelessly shallow.

That is all.

ETA: I'm aware of what day it is. I just... there's nothing to say that hasn't already been said by those better than me. So. There's that, then.
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Okay, fine, I am here, alive, whatever. I am afraid I've become incredibly boring. Not that I wasn't before, natch. It's just gotten worse.

Here are some things I know:

-Working on the newspaper is going to rock.

-Grad school choices narrowed down to Arizona, Washington and Michigan, in that order.

-I don't miss choir at all.

-But I do miss the music

-Research question for this semester's Big Epic Paper will be: "What are students looking for in the rhetorical space on college campuses? (Case study: my campus) Terribly exciting, I know.

-I, um. I bought more movies. Dammit, the sale was good and I can't resist the lure of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving and my beloved Cate in the same movie.

Alright, that's enough. This has made me feel strangely accomplished, despite the fact that I've got a quiz tomorrow on 70 pages of material I haven't looked at. Damn.
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1. It was my gran's birthday. Aunts came down, spent much time on the lake. V. good.

2. Work was lovely on Saturday. The people were polite! That never happens. They remembered my name and thanked me for doing stuff and stayed where I put them so I didn't have to search the whole place to find them and... it just made my night.

3. Had a real day off on Sunday. No work at either job. Rock.

4. Also I bought cute shoes.

And that is pretty much my life.

Hey, I never claimed to be interesting.

*goes window shopping*
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I am just completely bushed. Couldn't tell you why, life's not been that hard. I'm just worn out.

Of course, it could be the heat. It's only going to get hotter, too. Triple digits for certain. And there are 25,000 people attending a music festival here. And camping at said festival. Ouch.


I'm watching LOTR:FOTR at the moment. Sarah (the neighbor girl) saw it on my shelf and begged to watch.


She's never really expressed a desire to do anything. It's pretty spectacular. She's watching Gandalf tease the small children with fireworks and she's actually smiling. This is a very interesting turn of events.


I really want to write, but every time I open word I freeze up in a fit of self-doubt. This is a stupid thing to do, but it happens so often. Does it sound familiar to anyone else? Is there any way to trick oneself out of it?
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Okay. So. I am so totally here and not dead. Yes.


I had a fun birthday? And I've had the house to myself for the past few days, which is spectacular. Alas, it's back to the real world now. The family returns, and I work tomorrow.

I have mostly passed my time on the internets, so here. Have another infodump. and

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, PEOPLE. A million hearts and also I have a huge crush on wiki_pedia. That is all.

Possibly the best fic of all time. At least the crackiest. CSI and Willy Wonka crossover. I shit you not, people.

Behind the Scenes for MST3K fans. Excellent.

Mick Jagger PWNS Dubya.

And finally, those of you who have not, get the to Pandora Radio. It is my squishy.

Damn, yoga was brutal tonight. I can definitely tell I've not gone in a while. It was good to be there on the solstice, though. Speaking of which, happy longest day of the year! For like, fifteen more minutes, yay!

Um. I painted my fingernails, they look pretty.

That is all.

Oh, no it's not! Have a pic. My backyard at sunrise a day or two ago.

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Okay, I am beginning to feel like I have settled into my life, now. It's been a fricking whirlwind since the moment I got back in the state.

We're getting ready for the boy's graduation. Tomorrow there shall be 200 people coming in and out of my house. Heh. Ought to be interesting. Also, I word from 3 to 10, which I hope continues to be my regular shift, because it is awesome.

Incidentally, I will ask permission to take pictures out at work, so you all can see how awesome the house is.

Okay, I am too worn out to be original or clever or entertaining, so. If you want to hear more, pounce me on AIM. Runfordarkness, if you don't already have it. Piiiing me.
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Okay, I do not have enough done on ANYTHING, but my panic has subsided somewhat.

So now you get a... something. Whatever this is.

First: A concise summary of Zombie Day.

20 people, 4 main dishes, 3 pies, 2 annoying cousins and 1 threat from grandma to get drunk and sing karaoke.

Number of times Gran's actually gotten drunk and sung karaoke: 2 and counting

Second: New Stuff.

New shoes (so fucking sexy, pics later), new glasses prescription and frames (also sexy), new bridesmaid dress (not sexy, but pretty), new lease on life.

Third: Doctor Visit!

tmi? I don't know. )
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I have been awake for many hours. Sort of. I have had a nap.

I proctored an ACT exam this morning, which was... fun, I guess. Except for the 7 in the morning crap, but whatever. It's not bad, being paid seventy bucks to sit and do homework and occasionally make sure kids aren't cheating.

The funny thing... they all looked so young. Babies, almost. And I'm not that much older than them-- funny what a difference four or five years can make. But I'm sure they don't see it that way. A few of them thought I was there to take the test, you should have seen their faces when I sat down and started processing their forms and telling them where to go.

Makes me glad I'm done with all that, certainly. All the stress and silliness of high school.

It's weird being grown up.

So to counteract that, several of us got food and went to the park and spent a few hours on the swing set and jungle gym. It's become a tradition for us, ever since freshman year, to take a few suppers a year at each of the local parks. As much as I dislike this town, I do love the fact that there are a half dozen parks, and most of them on the river.

When we came home, we all commented on how nice it was that we could finally get out and about again- springtime in the north is not a gentle bloom, it's an explosion. People get mad with it, and everyone is outside and running around and talking.

Example: Today, as we walked into the building, our next door neighbor threw open his (second story) window to yell down at us-- we stayed and chatted for a bit. Within a few minutes, three or four other people gathered under the window to talk. And then the guy who lives on the first floor, who's rooms we were just outside of, opened his window to talk as well. We must have stayed and chatted for almost 45 minutes, just enjoying the weather. We must have seen a dozen or more people out walking and playing as well. Big news after the near-death quiet of this campus in the winter.

It put a happy glow in all of us. Tiffany says "It's like home! Only without the expletives that usually are in the ghetto!"
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I am so glad my last choir day trip is over. Being gone all day sunday absolutely destroys my weekend.

Although. It was sad, too.

Um. Have I rambled about choir, here? I don't think so, actually. Hmm. How to summarize?

Okay, basically what was/is going on is that it's been a very hard year in choir. Over half the choir is made up of newbies, who require constant attention. On top of that some of the more senior members have been extra whiny and disgruntled with our director. And we're preparing for a tour of Italy, which means singing in the most famous churches in the world.

So here's the thing. I really like our director. He's never been anything but kind to me and my family, he's worked very hard to build a family atmosphere in choir and I feel like he genuinely cares about people. I'm told other people don't feel this way, to which I say fuck off, I can feel how I want.

Anyway, the choir was out of control earlier this year. A few of the girls in my section went to talk to the director about it, where we learned quite a few things about what exactly is going on in his life. It's not been pretty, and that's all I feel compelled to say about that in a public forum.

And then yesterday he announced that he had resigned as director and was moving back to Canada.

I'm not surprised, but I am very sad.

And I don't want to dwell on that for long, so. I just aced a test! Granted, it was on Lord of the Rings, but you never know with this prof. He could say "identify Gandalf" or he could say "what's the orc-ish word for 'dinner?'" Silly man.

But he went easy on us, and it was a breeze. There was one thing I couldn't identify, but eh. I got every other point that was offered. So that's a big hell yes.

That's all.
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Remember my darling (but insane) neighbors?

Yeah. Yesterday he stopped by, listened to the music we were playing for two seconds and said "Hey! You can do the Charleston to this!"

And then he did. Quite well, I may add. The dance lessons are paying off.


I'm going home this weekend for the boy's play. He's gotten himself a part in the local theater house's production of Chicago. It's chorus, but he's only 18 so that's impressive. It's a fairly tough theater to get into. Roommates and I will travel down tomorrow-- none of us can wait.

Also, it was [ profile] vocal_kitty's birthday on Sunday. We celebrated with cake and a birthday shot of whiskey. Naughty! (Not really. It's just that even our apartments are supposed to be "dry." We're such rebels. *snort*)

*insert rant about newspaper work, idiot editors, several fascinating school functions and grad school anxieties*

*insert annual comments on the day after Valentine's*

My love to you all, of course. Tell me what's new in your life!


Links of Doom:

Geek Social Fallacies. I recognize many of these.

Singer/Songwriter Elly K. This is the sort of awesomeness you get when you google your own name.

I made a house! Yay! Sue me, I'm easily amused.

Facts about Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel owns a Stargate, which he uses to visit Santa, David Hasselhoff, and Gandhi at their secret base in the center of the sun.

This will never stop being funny. Ever.
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Not dead, swear to god.


Tired of school.

Fighting vauge mid-winter depression-y things. Not bad, though. Still not as cranky as the before times.

Want a house. And decent furniture. And a puppy.

Everyone should run away to Canada with me.

Done now. Bye!
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Omg Friday.

This week was inSANE. But very, very good. No choir today, so I've been finished with school for half an hour. I'm going to like being done with class at one on fridays.

You should give me your address. Even if you think I have it, because. Um. I am the most absentminded person in the world.

But my dad gave me his ghetto pda! It is not sleek or sexy, but it has a calender! And a place for me to write notes, so.

Aaaaand. Happy belated birthday to [ profile] twinkledru! I suck, lo siento.

And [ profile] captaincooze, you just wait. The mail will be arriving for you in a few days. =D


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