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Okay. So. I am so totally here and not dead. Yes.


I had a fun birthday? And I've had the house to myself for the past few days, which is spectacular. Alas, it's back to the real world now. The family returns, and I work tomorrow.

I have mostly passed my time on the internets, so here. Have another infodump. and

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, PEOPLE. A million hearts and also I have a huge crush on wiki_pedia. That is all.

Possibly the best fic of all time. At least the crackiest. CSI and Willy Wonka crossover. I shit you not, people.

Behind the Scenes for MST3K fans. Excellent.

Mick Jagger PWNS Dubya.

And finally, those of you who have not, get the to Pandora Radio. It is my squishy.

Damn, yoga was brutal tonight. I can definitely tell I've not gone in a while. It was good to be there on the solstice, though. Speaking of which, happy longest day of the year! For like, fifteen more minutes, yay!

Um. I painted my fingernails, they look pretty.

That is all.

Oh, no it's not! Have a pic. My backyard at sunrise a day or two ago.

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Remember my darling (but insane) neighbors?

Yeah. Yesterday he stopped by, listened to the music we were playing for two seconds and said "Hey! You can do the Charleston to this!"

And then he did. Quite well, I may add. The dance lessons are paying off.


I'm going home this weekend for the boy's play. He's gotten himself a part in the local theater house's production of Chicago. It's chorus, but he's only 18 so that's impressive. It's a fairly tough theater to get into. Roommates and I will travel down tomorrow-- none of us can wait.

Also, it was [ profile] vocal_kitty's birthday on Sunday. We celebrated with cake and a birthday shot of whiskey. Naughty! (Not really. It's just that even our apartments are supposed to be "dry." We're such rebels. *snort*)

*insert rant about newspaper work, idiot editors, several fascinating school functions and grad school anxieties*

*insert annual comments on the day after Valentine's*

My love to you all, of course. Tell me what's new in your life!


Links of Doom:

Geek Social Fallacies. I recognize many of these.

Singer/Songwriter Elly K. This is the sort of awesomeness you get when you google your own name.

I made a house! Yay! Sue me, I'm easily amused.

Facts about Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel owns a Stargate, which he uses to visit Santa, David Hasselhoff, and Gandhi at their secret base in the center of the sun.

This will never stop being funny. Ever.
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Have some music. These are songs that are good pick-me-ups.

Let the River Run by Carly Simon From the Working Girl soundtrack. The images in this just make me hopeful. Plus, Carly's my patron goddess of music.

Checking My Pulse by Alix Olson [ profile] dien told me about Alix and. Wow. She's amazing and is my patron goddess of things-wot-I-want-to-write-like. =D

Fill it up Again by the Indigo Girls Makes me think of [ profile] danachan and Mal Reynolds from Firefly. Don't ask me why. Anyhow, Indigo Girls! This song... I don't know. It just has so much resolve, it makes me feel more confident.

I'm Still Here by Johnny Rzeznik From the Treasure Planet soundtrack, a vastly underrated movie that I love. Anyway, this song is pretty neat for your standard pop song. It may be damaged, let me know if it doesn't play correctly. Damn anti-theft protection.

Only for Now by the cast of Avenue Q I really want to see this play. It's like the muppets meet Rent, or so I'm told. This song is... useful, really. Good to remember.

Ride a Shooting Star by The Pillows I'm not sure what the words to this song are, but I like to think they're hopeful. Reminds me of FLCL and is just plain old crazy japanese-pop-music crack.
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Just so you all know, the view out my window on wednesday was this:

Yeah. Snow on Oct. 5th. Sad.

Rehearsal was taxing tonight. Perhaps I will go on vocal rest for the next couple of days, my throat's getting awfully scratchy and that is something I do not want.

Week from hell is over, over, over. Cue rejoicing until next week, when midterms begin.

To enteratin yourselves:

Summarize a novel in 25 words.

My favorites?

The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams:

Y'all are one serious buzzkill. I'm out.


Romeo and Juliet by Bill Shakespeare

Underage kids get hots for each other. There's an unfortunate breakdown in communications leading to joint suicides. Their famillies feel bad.

And I'm out.
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So, I am *thisclose* to moving. Except, y'know, for all that packing I have left.

Here's a collection of links I've been hoarding the past few weeks:

A real life Mary Sue.

Um. Harry Potter art. Snape/Draco. Dude. I don't even *like* Snape/Draco. But damn, is this amazing. I like art.

Dear Universe: Stop shitting on the good people.

Suddenly RPS seems like a really good idea.

Yeah. That's about it. Plus, I've overhauled ALL my icons. See the pretty!
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Long entry. In case you wonder where I've been.

Work )

Home )

Fandom )

Also: Some recs:

[ profile] twinkledru has written Buffy/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan. Don't question it, just go read it!

And, Darling [ profile] captaincooze has been coaxed into National Treasure fic. Go read over at [ profile] selfevident_nt.

Maybe one day, I'll write fic again!!! Heh.
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Okay, here's a rec for you all:

[ profile] laceymcbain's On the Couch, Or the Way Clouds Feel.

Her summary? "Superman. Batman. The Flash. On my couch. I might never wash that leather again."

Go, read it. You don't need to be overly familiar with the fandom to enjoy it- just the basics. Lex Luthor=Bad, Justice League=Good. And Nicole Kidman=Psychiatrist.


Apr. 1st, 2005 10:23 pm
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Well. There's no way I can top the insanity of today's floor pie adventures.

But, I did promise Venna some music spam. So.

Roulette Dares(The Haunt of) by The Mars Volta Prog rock, strangely melodic.

L'Via L'Viaquez by The Mars Volta This one's from their newest album, Francis the Mute. It's about a boy looking for his mother. It's also twelve minutes long and perfect.

The Book of Right-On by Joanna Newsome Folk, harp and voice, strangely addictive.

Tomorrow by Rivers Cuomo Showtunes. By Rivers.

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Those of you who are going to teach, have kids or are just interested in learning should read this.

The author taught a normal class of third graders the basic concepts of binary arithmetic by using the Socratic Method- by only asking them questions. It's amazing! Plus, I learned binary arithmetic.
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There were lots of scary things on tv today. I forget them now, but they were scary.

Now I'm watching Fiddler on the Roof. And stuff.

Y'know, I'm back into the swing of school and already I'm bored. *runs around the room in crazy circles*

Oh! Also, [ profile] twinkledru wrote me fic, just the other day! It's wonderfully porn-tastic. It's here on Self Evident.

Makes me happy.
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I threw a quarter down, I'm gonna dive down after it
and hope the Truth of Soul is right to say there really isn't a bottom to hit

Fell through shadows again today. The same as before- fog, then worlds blurring and shadow. And here I am.

I don't know what world is here. There's a sea in front of me and plain behind and for now I'm content to sit and listen to the music that the ocean's playing for me.

I thought I would get sick of shadow walking. That I would long for home and for stability and my family and friends. I thought the danger would be too much, when they first asked. But now...

I keep their pictures with me, pictures of my loved ones. And I do miss them- yet. When the shadow calls, I still answer.

I wonder how long.

Down and down.
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My Commentary
Liv Tyler named her baby Milo William. I like this name. It makes me think of fuzzy animals and hobbits.

Anyone want a gmail invite? I know I'm just about the last person on earth to get one, so there's no one to invite. But. If there is, let me know.

Also: Anyone want to play a fun game? My mum teaches kindergarten and they're doing a project-- trying to get postcards from all 50 states and at least 20 countries. Could be fun, right?

Some links
Beautiful Narnia Concept art. The bombing of London.

Serenity review... from a "Firefly virgin."

This is why I refuse to have a credit card. Absolutely refuse. And if one more telemarketer calls my dorm... We're doing a spread in the newspaper about debt and debt management. I need to save this link.

And now, off to the Grandparent's for pre-christmas christmas. <3!
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Fucking studios. How can they deny me my firefly!!!!!!!!! *wail*
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So, this week I hated being a girl in a way that kept me from going to many of my classes, keeping down food or even sleeping for long periods of time. Yes.

Seriously, I thought I was going to die. It was horrible.

ANYWAY. I am feeling much, much better now.


Last night I went to a halloween party at Professor Kate's house. Yes. I do go to parties at my professor's houses. It was for students who are in the International Students Organization. It was great fun, I almost hurt myself laughing. And since it was ISO, the house was filled with delicious accents. Northern Ireland and Bulgaria and Costa Rica, oh my!

Plus, Kate's wacky fun. She's totally a Ren-Faire going, Peggy Lee-obsessed, Cat loving, World Traveler. Her house if full of stuff she's painted or collected or scrounged from a dumpster and made into art.

Today I plan on watching Firefly for most of the day and writing my essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Also I hope to work on/finish my holiday drabbles.

Also: [ profile] middleearthnews is really kind of neat.


Lots of *hugs* to my friends, today. There's so bad juju floating around. But I have a feeling Halloween will take care of it, hang in there.

A synopsis

Jun. 29th, 2004 04:06 pm
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The Boy: But nothing good came out of the 80's. Except for me.
Me: ...

And today he was singing about Totalitarian Accordians. Which would make an awesome band name.

At least it's always interesting around here.


Saw Dodgeball- and was much more amused than I thought I would be.

Saw The Terminal (Wait! This movie's not about cancer?) - and was to busy laughing at Beau to care much about the movie. It was pretty good.

Went to see The Darkness. They put on one hell of a live show. The Wild Hearts opened for them. They sucked.

Wrote some fanfic. And started three seprate projects- a book of short stories, a novella and a script. We'll see which gets finished first.

This is the coolest thing ever.

Need to make some new icons.
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I missed my one and only class today.

English, and I wanted to go, too. We were going to have a presentation by a canidate for one of the empty positions in the English deptartment.

Woke up late, though. And I didn't want to waltz into what was essentially a job interview and say "I'm here! You can start now!"

Luckily I wasn't required to go, so I'm not in trouble. =D

So, who's heard of The Polyphonic Spree? Crazy cultists I tell you. Okay, maybe not, but when you put on white robes and sing about "reaching for the sun" while surrounded by bubbles and doves, it makes me start to wonder.

Here. Go if you have a lot of time, the intro page is a delight to stoners everywhere. Man, why do I like this band? It's insane.

Oh! And I gave blood yesterday. Go me.
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I have reclaimed my soul from the Little Theater. She put up a hell of a fight, but I killed the bitch. =D

Loosely translated, this means that the play is over.

I'm actually kind of sad. I got to meet so many wonderful people and hang out with them a lot. I don't know if we'll see each other as much now. I'd forgotten how it feels to be in a cast: the familial bond, stuff like that.

Slept on and off until three this afternoon. Then we ordered pizza and watched the Super Bowl. Generally it was a good day. I have to do some reading for class tomorrow, and I'd like to work on my article that was due Friday, but my source hasn't gotten back to me. Grr. I'd better not get in trouble for her laziness.

Hmmm. Am hungry, must get food. And go make sure the kids don't kill each other while playing pool.

Eowyn/Faramir archive.Cool.


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