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Well hello there.

Let me give you a clue as to what's happening in my life. Some of you may know most of this.

-having had The Boy living on my couch for three weeks, I now have him safely settled into his new apartment. Which is much nicer than mine.

-the futon was empty for precisely one night, after which [ profile] stanielson laid claim to it, as she has job interviews here this week.

-she's, uh, going to be moving in with me at a new apartment when this lease is up in October. And that is because...

-current!roommate is likely moving to antarctica. Yes, antarctica. Yes. Antarctica.

-I am pleased as punch about that fact, actually. I love it when my friends have adventures.

So mostly I'm apartment hunting. Also? My boss left us.

Life has been, how do you say? Crazy. Yes.


So, as it is, I would kill for some gleeful, squeeful joy. Tell me something that makes your heart burst from love of it.
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"The Crazy Woman"

I shall not sing a May song.
A May song should be gay.
I'll wait until November
And sing a song of gray.

I'll wait until November
That is the time for me.
I'll go out in the frosty dark
And sing most terribly.

And all the little people
Will stare at me and say,
"That is the Crazy Woman
Who would not sing in May."

--Gwendolyn Brooks

Meme )

Nothing much happened today, except Gran filling The Boy and I with waffles and apple jelly, and I got to design an ad at work, hallelujah. Something I actually enjoy.

Still no word on the new-job front. Will be applying another place tomorrow.
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Boy: I've decided that for my wedding I'm going to get Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono together to play. But here's the kicker-- they're only allowed to play Depeche Mode and Little River Band covers. Maybe if they're lucky we can throw a Tears for Fears cover in there.
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Scene: Visiting the Grandparents, because Grandpa broke his leg.

Grandma: Oh, and we've been watching the Millionaire show, and Jeopardy and it's been a good time. We do pretty well!

Grandpa: *laughs a little*

Grandma: I tell you what, you sure can learn some things when you watch these shows!

Grandpa and Me: *smile and nod*

Grandma: *not stopping* And you can just bet that we'd do fine if we were on one of those shows! We're just learning all the time!

Grandpa: Yeah, now if only we could remember any of it.

Me: ... ahahahahahahah yes. <3.

Scene: Dinner

Mom: (after collaring Papa in the kitchen and kissing him) Wanna go to prom with me?
Papa: No.
Mom: !
Papa: I'll go somewhere with someone else. Some babe.
Mom: What makes you think that some babe will want you, old man?
Papa: ...good point.

Scene: Shopping with Mom

Me: God, the wind is so cold!
Mom: (at the top of her lungs) IT SUCKS THE BIG ONE!
Me: ...
Mom: ...whatever that means.

Scene: Mom and Papa are getting ready for church

Mom: Do you have offering?
Papa: No, that can wait 'til Sunday.
Mom: ...yeah, Jesus is dead. He won't miss it.
Papa: We'll wait 'til he's risen again and then we'll give him money.

(The get ready to leave)

Me: Well, have fun with dead Jesus! *waves*
Mom and Papa: We will!
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Mom has decided, after a flurry of cleaning, that the correct response to showing the house is to leave town. We're going to Minneapolis overnight and hopefully I can do a little clothes shopping. Also I'm going to pester The Boy.

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oh, I was going to make a big long post but then I sat down and realized I was tired and probably I should use what energy I have for doing a tm prompt and other stuff that's not my life.

So, in no particular order:

*Went to church tonight, because it's Soup and Sandwich (yes, I'm all for free food) and also because it's Holden Evening and the music's just too good to miss.

*My parent's pastor is a huge comics dork. He spent much of the service quizzing people about what powers Superman, Batman and The Hulk had. There was a point, somewhere, I wasn't listening so closely at that point.

*The powercord to my laptop finally died. I'm using the ghetto-ass 1st gen clamshell iBook that belongs to my dad but never gets used because we have new shinies to play with.

*My grandma wants to see Borat. She bought it and everything. This should be deeply disturbing, but isn't. 'Cause it's crazy grandma!

*Anthony Stewart Head needs to sing to me all the time. I demand it.

*I am really torn between a bath and writing.

Bath-- would be lovely and relaxing, but probably cut short because Mom goes to bed at like 7pm and the nice bath is in the master bathroom.

Writing-- would be productive.

Okay I am rambling, now. *hits post*
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It occurred to me that I never really post about what my day to day life is like. I think I'll try that for a while, see if it's any more/less boring than anything else.

So this morning, when I woke up? It was raining. Rain and rain and rain falling down onto our driveway and the dead trees and the brown grass. This may not seem so strange, but let me remind you of two things. 1. It is 21 December and 2. MY HOME IS IN MINNESOTA. I should not even be able to see the grass at this point. Everything should be mind-blindingly white for a million miles. But it is not.

So, I got up, put on my robe and went downstairs. Where I decided that I hated everything and ranted about bastard politicians and global warming. I was, um. I was the only person awake in the house, but whatever. It made me feel better.

Then The Grandmother came over (She has yet to earn the affectionate title of Gran, today) and stole our christmas decorations to put up at her house. Yes. This is a thing that happens, I just go with it. She bitched a bit about my sleeping habits, the state of our basement and having to see our family for christmas. "But," she said brightly, "my back is feeling better!"

"Oh?" I say cautiously. "When did that happen?"

"Oh, this morning. I just woke up and it didn't hurt."

"Okay... did you do something different? Heating pad, anything?"

"Oh no! It just felt better!"

"Really? No advil or anything?"

"Well. I have been taking more muscle relaxers."

"..." "How much more?"

"Well, you're only supposed to take one at night..."

"..." *facepalm* "Look, Grandma. Go home and don't drive anymore today, okay?"


Anyway, then I woke the boy up (We don't use alarm clocks-- my parents wake me up, I wake my brother up and so it has been since the beginning of time) and bitched at him about global warming, politicians and The Grandmother. "Um," he said. "Before you get too worked up, why don't you look outside?"

So I did.

It was snowing. Big, fat, happy flakes of snow.

I'm okay now.

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(also known as The Pit)

An Exercise in Lameness

The Boy: Okay! Bad Canadian Kung-fu movie time!

Me: Um. Okay! Sounds fun!

The Boy: Street Fighter's Last Revenge it is!

Me: *reads the back of Ninja and the Warriors of Fire* Heh. Girl Ninjas. Sweet. *pause* ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY MINUTES! HOLY CRAP.

The Boy: Yeah, pretty sure that movie has some Serious Pacing Issues. *wrestles with the dvds and the player* Crap, they won't play.

Me: Damn. Well, didn't you pay like five bucks for the two of them?

The Boy: Uh. One dollar. *messes with the player some more* If this doesn't work I'm going to write a strongly worded letter to The Dollar Store.


Dear god. It didn't work, sadly. "This is the most disapointing day of my life," says the boy. Heh.
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Whoo boy, do I hate being poor. *looks mournfully at bank statement*

Grandma Pearl's funeral was today, it was a nice little thing-- about a hundred or so people there, good food as well (this is a very important part of my family's funeral routine). Saw all the cousins and such. All in all, just very nice.

Hrm. Worked tonight at the theater, which is a good thing (see: first sentence of entry). Was v. busy, of course, because of Potter and Walk the Line.

Speaking of Potter, I saw it at the Midnight show in Jamestown and was greatly amused. I may go on about it after I see it again, but overall it was a pretty good movie.

What else? Oh. My family. My family is so funny. Let me tell you why I love them.
I love them because... )

Mom also made me a hat. So cute, must take pictures. Eventually.

So that's the state of things. I should be around more often starting tomorrow or Monday. Had to get the funeral and everything out of the way, first. Now, my Autumn is on her way over. I'll see you all tomorrow.
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Talked to mom about Grandma Pearl, and thank you all for the condolences-- they're much appreciated. Grandma Pearl was an amazing woman. She lived in Chicago on her own as a young woman, she taught my mom to drive, she could cook the best food, make her own pickles, and kick the tar out of any relative that dared step out of line.

She loved margaritas and knew several dozen hymns by heart. She could bend over and touch her toes with no trouble when she was 90, even after a hip and knee replacements.

She loved her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids and pretty much everyone else. And even though I don't much hold with god, or heaven, or even afterlife... somehow I feel like there's a warrior there now, and she's looking after me.

Love you, Grandma-- I'll be sure to have an extra margarita for you when I can. And I'll sing a hymn while doing it. I can hear you laughing now.
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Grandma Pearl, to no one's surprise, is awake and eating and mumbling gibberish. Stubborn old you-know-what. I'm pleased, of course-- we're going on vacation now and the family reunion is going off as scheduled.

She might yet see her 101st birthday. *shakes head* Tough old bird. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern. <3.

Anyway, I'll see you all on Sunday. Vacation time!
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So, gran called tonight. Great-Grandma's had a stroke. They called my aunt and she's gone up there-- Gran also left to spend time with her. It's not good.

She probably won't last. She'll be 101 in something like a week. She might be. I don't know.

I should feel sad, I know. But she's had a long, wonderful life and she hasn't been herself for at least five years. She hasn't been much of a person, even, for the last two.

I still love her, of course. I used to go to her apartment-- she had a closetful of toys, I clearly remember a doll that was my mother's and a neon green teddy bear. We played with them for *hours*. And she made wonderful refrigerator pickles. She could twist the cap on so tightly that my dad could barely open it. And she was in her eighties!

We'll hear more tomorrow. I think I'm gonna find that teddy bear. She gave it to me when she moved out of that apartment.
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I am filled with squee today.

Today in class was the story of Turin, which happens to be my favorite. I also overheard one guy say: "You know, when I watched the movie, I thought Aragorn was sort of a coward. But he's really different in the books."

And I squeed. Because people were reading the books. And noticing and appreciating the difference between them.

Now, I'm not a "the books are better than the movies" person, because they are two different mediums- its like comparing apples and shoelaces.

But I am happy when people read the books, because there is such a wealth there to enjoy.


I got two packages in the mail today as well. One from my parents- they sent me some pajamas and chocolates from Mr. B's. Mr. B is a friend of my dad who is a photographer by trade (like my dad) but he went to Belgium for a while and became a chocolatier as well. His shop is fabulous. It's all done up as a Medieval castle, real artifacts and tapestries and stained glass windows. Plus his photography studio is in the basement.

Anyway, he makes the best chocolate this side of anywhere. A he handcrafts those chocolate roses you see sometimes- they're gorgeous. =D

My aunt sent a package as well. Lots of candy and fun magnets and stickers and stuff that I really shouldn't get so excited over, but I do. I got a box of altoids from her too. My favorite.

Plus I'm wearing nice socks and new jeans. Life is good.
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Well. This has certainly been a week.

Cut for those not interested in familial issues and brain tumors )
So all of this, and tomorrow I'm moving. Still not done packing. Bit of a whirlwind in my mind now. I feel sorta like this: O.O .

But in better news, I got Chicago on DVD and just found out that one of my friends is into slash. April, as mentioned in my previous insane post. I feel a bit bad for her though, because her parents are serious homophobes, on "religious" grounds, and if they ever found out they'd disown her. They're a little scary. But I'm just so glad to have a RL person to talk with 'bout the pretty. So much pretty. :D
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Oi! Packing, still. Will it never end?
Meh. Am too tired to care now. *g*

Tomorrow is my great grandmother's 99th birthday. Well, actually Monday is, but we are celebrating tomorrow. She's an amazing lady. Lived on her own and drove a car 'til she was 93. I hope I inherited some of her spunk.

I'm actually looking forward to going and being with my family. As families go, mine is pretty awesome. We get along for the most part, and those that don't can suck it up for a few hours for the good of the family. That last part sounds a bit Mafia doesn't it?

Wow am I tired. Damn allergies making me feel yucky.

/insane post. For now.


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