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Life, she goes on.

I sent my application and portfolio to Arizona. It's out of my hands, now.

Saw "Children of Men" and am consequently deeply unsettled in ways I can't really express yet.

And now I give you some tunes for the new year:

Poor Little Rich Boy -- Regina Spektor
"You're so young, you're so god damn young..."

Southtown Girls -- The Hold Steady
"Southtown girls won't blow you away, but you know that they'll stay."

Salute my Shorts! -- Rilo Kiley
"we've been waiting all year
for someone to just say
everyone fucks up it's going to be ok"

After the Bombs -- The Decemberists
"After the rockets
After the rockets come

Then we’ll go dancing
Won’t we go dancing
Yes, we’ll go dancing
‘Til it all starts over again"
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The whole nannying/babysitting business went much better today. It was almost as if someone flipped a switch overnight. She offered information, actually asked to do something and stopped trying to crawl into the walls when asked a question. She still didn't say much, but it was better than all the other days I've looked after her.

I am in that wonderful state of boredom that comes from having stuff to do but not really wanting to do it. Bleah.

*wastes time on the internets*

P.S. Surf Ninjas was on tv today. Ah, childhood. *mad laughter*
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Mmm. Everyone so crabby. Not in real life, but...y'know. Around. *gestures inarticulately* On livejournal. Don't be crabby, lj! I love you! I am your friend! It could be worse! (No really, it could. Maybe.)

I am... tired and incoherent. Worked today for the boy. Money yay! Um. Saw Derailed, too. Yay? Maybe. It was okay. Weird. Clive Owen v. hot. Breakdancing thief from Ocean's 12 also v. attractive. Jennifer Aniston was just slightly better than meh.

Um. I am sick. Pneumonia, again. Probably. Doctor soon, maybe Monday. My lungs hurt.

Wheeeeeeee tired.

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Apologies, and thanks to everyone who's put up with my... weirdness the past few days. When things settle down I'll make a long post about all of it. Or not. I dunno.

Anyway, RL sucks, except for when it doesn't.

Exhibit A: My dear friend Jess is coming to play tomorrow! =D

Exhibit B: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is LOVE. Sit back and enjoy the insanity, folks, and watch Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore have fun. Great flick.

Eh. Work in three hours. Hopefully I'll be able to answer comments...sometime.
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So. Not dead.

Um. Work, of course. And hanging out. And Serenity. That was filled with amazing. Also: Go see War of the Worlds you absolutely will not be disappointed. Suspend all thoughts of Katie Holmes, L. Ron Hubbard and Oprah. Just enjoy the flick. =D

And: Mathoms! Legolas/Gimli, for [ profile] hyel. Untitled, as of yet, and fluff. Enjoy.

He did ask, then. And how now to answer? )


Jun. 16th, 2005 06:27 pm
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Only two of you want mathoms?


Anyway, [ profile] stanielson ran away back home. And I have Serenity tickets for next week. Because Stan is love.

Um. You know what else is love? Batman Begins.

And Liam Neeson is not love, but hothot sex. I need to bear his children. Now.

That is all.
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This movie never gets any less entertaining.

*<3 Claudio*

Also, everyone in this movie wants to have sex. Shakespeare ORGIES.
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Long entry. In case you wonder where I've been.

Work )

Home )

Fandom )

Also: Some recs:

[ profile] twinkledru has written Buffy/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan. Don't question it, just go read it!

And, Darling [ profile] captaincooze has been coaxed into National Treasure fic. Go read over at [ profile] selfevident_nt.

Maybe one day, I'll write fic again!!! Heh.
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Hitchhiker was great fun- sorry to those in ND, I just couldn't wait. But you're going to love it, I promise.

Slash is still gleefully intact and sometime exacerbated by said movie. Plus, musical madness! Great soundtrack.

Um. I still haven't written my paper. I may do it, yet tonight. Maybe. Right now, I'm going to relax in the hot tub, because it's like 30 degrees here and almost May, how fair is that?


Also: Like I mentioned before, I'm starting a recs page, mostly for my own personal benefit. But if there's anything you'd like me to read, even your own stuff, tell me about it, okay? I can't guarantee what will end up on the page, but I want to have lots of varied stuff. So. Any fandom, any rating, anything! Please, please help me out.

Nevermind that the bonus of this is the fact that I get fic recc'ed to me. That's not important. Not at all.

The hot tub, she awaits me.

ETA: If anyone has a copy of the cd Only In Dreams- classical music by Steven Avila, inspired by Weezer... hook me up, y'all. The boy is frothing at the mouth for it.
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Saw Sin City.

Am in love. Going to see it again tomorrow.

Love, people.


It occurs to me that given my... complete lack of writing fic for the past million years, this journal's been not so fandomy. Hrm.
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Okay. So.

There's this movie, right? It's a really good movie, was just in theaters earlier this year and it's coming out on dvd soon.

It's called National Treasure, you may have heard of it.

If not, let me enlighten you:

National Treasure aka Sean Bean is Sexy and Steals Shit is one of the most fun movies ever. See, it's Bruckheimer and that means explosions and shiny and lots, and I mean *lots* of fun snarky dialog that really makes you fall in love with the characters.

Plus, Sean Bean is Sexy and Steals Shit.

Right, so now that we've established this movie's total greatness, let us talk about fic.

Why, why, why is there so little fic for this movie? Seriously- Jules has done half the work for you- there's a shiny community called [ profile] selfevident_nt. All you have to do now is write. And don't tell me you can't do that. I've seen you. You're prolific. Or not, whichever. The point is, even if you don't normally write, you should for this fandom.

Because! Treasure! History! Fun! Harvey Keitel!

Well. Maybe not the last one.

For real, though. Besides my obvious and flagrant predilection toward the ot3 lovin', (which is quickly becoming an ot4, btw. I blame Jules) there's so much to love about these characters and their chemistry.

The companionship between Riley and Ben! The mutual admiration between Ben and Abigail! The way Riley's totally hot for Abigail and she thinks it's cute! The *obvious* history between Ben and Ian.

Wow. Ben sure gets flirted with a lot, considering he's Nic Cage. Funny story, my cousin saw him and his girlfriend in Chicago. They were in an elevator and had a tiny, tiny dog. I like to imagine that it pees on their carpet.

Um. Where was I?

Oh. Write fic for this movie. Post it in the Community. The power of Elly compels you.

Or something.

Love me and despair?
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I don't regret this. Any of it.

I love this, you guys.
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*curls up with some yummy cinnamon tea*

I think I'm going to survive, except for now, of course, I have a tummyache.

But today is good. I'm watching Don Juan De Marco and drooling over the Johnny. And I'm getting paid just in time to see Ocean's 12.

*loves on everybody*
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The quote of the weekend?

Comes from the boy: "Saying 'I'll pay more if it means that poor people can be better off' isn't being a hypocrite, it's being charitable. Dumbass."

Hm. What else? I'm watching "Scrooge" with the boy right now. We know it verbatim. Sad, really.

Spam later.

P.S. "I Hate People" is the greatest song in this movie.

A synopsis

Jun. 29th, 2004 04:06 pm
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The Boy: But nothing good came out of the 80's. Except for me.
Me: ...

And today he was singing about Totalitarian Accordians. Which would make an awesome band name.

At least it's always interesting around here.


Saw Dodgeball- and was much more amused than I thought I would be.

Saw The Terminal (Wait! This movie's not about cancer?) - and was to busy laughing at Beau to care much about the movie. It was pretty good.

Went to see The Darkness. They put on one hell of a live show. The Wild Hearts opened for them. They sucked.

Wrote some fanfic. And started three seprate projects- a book of short stories, a novella and a script. We'll see which gets finished first.

This is the coolest thing ever.

Need to make some new icons.
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They're holding a rock, paper, scissors tournament at my school.


But even better, they're calling it the R.P.S. tournament. =D =D =D

They've made t-shirts. Tons of guys wandering around campus with RPS boldy marked on their chests.

I'm dying from laughter. And no one else gets it.

long review of The Passion of the Christ )
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Am capping Empire Records. I love this movie.

So, over the weekend I actually got to see Master and Commander. I love that movie as well. Suffice to say that I am filled with love for movies right now.

I think that there shall be icons in my future.
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This hurts me. In my soul.

There are no words for how they have defiled one of my favorite books of all time. No words.

Seriously. Ella was one of the best heroines. Strong, sassy, not particularly beautiful, wonderful.


My life will never be the same again. =(
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Had a post ready last night, but my browser et it. It was very tragic.

To sum up:

Paid Account! *loves the [ profile] danachan more than is probably healthy*

Master and Commander- finished it, liked it

Still sick

My last appointment with my surgeon today, no more trips back! w00t!

My friend Breanne is now having surgery. Have presents for her. V. cute.

Saw ROTK again, noticed some fun stuff this time.

Random things I(and in some cases April) noticed )

So yay!

Also: ICONS!!!!!
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I am watching The Storyteller.


P.S. SEAN BEAN!!!!!!!!11!!!one!


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