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Just so you all know, the view out my window on wednesday was this:

Yeah. Snow on Oct. 5th. Sad.

Rehearsal was taxing tonight. Perhaps I will go on vocal rest for the next couple of days, my throat's getting awfully scratchy and that is something I do not want.

Week from hell is over, over, over. Cue rejoicing until next week, when midterms begin.

To enteratin yourselves:

Summarize a novel in 25 words.

My favorites?

The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams:

Y'all are one serious buzzkill. I'm out.


Romeo and Juliet by Bill Shakespeare

Underage kids get hots for each other. There's an unfortunate breakdown in communications leading to joint suicides. Their famillies feel bad.

And I'm out.
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Just spent an hour at rehearsal. Full hour of actual singing and preforming, and also getting carried around the stage by strapping young men. Life is good.

I am so, so buzzed right now. I would quite like to go back and do another six hours of rehearsing, though I'm sure those feelings will change after a couple more weeks. I really need to get my stuff memorized, so I'm prepared.

Also, I should maybe start working on the two papers I have due. But why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?

*happy sigh* I really like music. The end.
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Hrm. Maybe I should, like, use this thing.

Lesse, what's happened in the past few days? Ah. Rehearsal, mostly. It's interesting, as this is really the first full scale musical I've been in. We've had choral practices and choreography, and I've also had vocal rehearsals all by my onesies and some blocking and stage rehearsals.

I enjoy being able to dance again; I've missed it so much.

Class is alright, same as ever. History of Disease gets more interesting every day. And Dr. B's puns just get worse. The man is a machine! We get at least three a day. Here's an example:

Dr. B: *talks about the skeleton of a murdered Knight*
Class: *listens politely*
Dr. B: That's why they called it the dark ages, you know. So many knights.
Class: ...


Dr. B: Did you hear about the egyptian undertaker that got wrapped up in his work...
Class: *groan*

God, he's a riot.

Meh. I'd better go print out notes for Sociology. That's all I've got for today.
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Okay, life is better. No rehearsal until Sunday, thank god, and even then it's my song vocals and not the godawful boring chorus work. I mean, it's fun, but the pace is awfully slow. Especially compared to choir.

Anyway. House.

Ahem. I love Hugh Laurie and I love House. I am House. Or I will be when I grow up. Except for the doctor thing. And the man thing. Also the limp. But Tiffany gets to be Wilson! Only we will have way less homoerotic tension, on account of me and Tiffany don't want to hook up whereas Wilson and House *totally* do.

*snugs them both*

*with an extra snug for Wilson, 'cause hey! He's Claudio! And he got a haircut*
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sheryl_pip! Here's something for you.

Oh you say it's your birthday )



Heh. The novelty of saying that will never wear off. I'm playing Berthe, Pippin's very naughty grandmother and it's going to be great fun. It's actually my first musical. I'm chuffed.


View the Cate Picspam.

The end.
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This fall's musical is Pippin.

Crap. Now I have to audition because of the name alone, don't I?


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