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It hailed a lot.

And now, a distraction. Pick two characters and I'll write you a drabble.
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I am in the throes of a deathplague. Same virus my roommie had, but it's hanging around for an extra week.

Also I got a case of conjunctivitis in both eyes that was so bad it made my doctor freak out and call in another doctor just to see. My eyes are red from broken blood vessels and infection and my eyes glow blue like I'm an extra in Dune because of it.

It's wicked gross and I have pictures.

My throat hurts. *sadface*

In news made of less suck, spring break was ok. Over the weekend we went down to terrorize the Boy. We went to the Conservatory, two art museums, several good restaurants and, best of all, a hockey game.

Here, have some pictures that aren't of my diseased eyes.

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Okay. So. I am so totally here and not dead. Yes.


I had a fun birthday? And I've had the house to myself for the past few days, which is spectacular. Alas, it's back to the real world now. The family returns, and I work tomorrow.

I have mostly passed my time on the internets, so here. Have another infodump. and

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, PEOPLE. A million hearts and also I have a huge crush on wiki_pedia. That is all.

Possibly the best fic of all time. At least the crackiest. CSI and Willy Wonka crossover. I shit you not, people.

Behind the Scenes for MST3K fans. Excellent.

Mick Jagger PWNS Dubya.

And finally, those of you who have not, get the to Pandora Radio. It is my squishy.

Damn, yoga was brutal tonight. I can definitely tell I've not gone in a while. It was good to be there on the solstice, though. Speaking of which, happy longest day of the year! For like, fifteen more minutes, yay!

Um. I painted my fingernails, they look pretty.

That is all.

Oh, no it's not! Have a pic. My backyard at sunrise a day or two ago.

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First, [ profile] drellakowalski sent me the most lovely present! It's so wee and adorable. *bounces madly*

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Okay. Also, I am going to screen comments on this entry and I would like for you to give me your address. I like sending holiday greetings after the holiday, because January is boring. Don't tell the boy I said that, his birthday is in January. Anyway. Drop me a line and let me know where to send something to you.


Nov. 11th, 2005 10:53 am
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I took my camera around campus last weekend. Here is some of what I found. I'd really appreciate everyone's opinion on these-- I'm pretty pleased, but I want to know what others think.

"Alone is not the same as lonely"

The trees outside of the library produce some spectacular leaves-- it's late in the season, there was only this one left. Alli describes it: "It's like one of those times when nature says 'HEY. TAKE A PICTURE OF ME'." I'm inclined to agree.

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Just so you all know, the view out my window on wednesday was this:

Yeah. Snow on Oct. 5th. Sad.

Rehearsal was taxing tonight. Perhaps I will go on vocal rest for the next couple of days, my throat's getting awfully scratchy and that is something I do not want.

Week from hell is over, over, over. Cue rejoicing until next week, when midterms begin.

To enteratin yourselves:

Summarize a novel in 25 words.

My favorites?

The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams:

Y'all are one serious buzzkill. I'm out.


Romeo and Juliet by Bill Shakespeare

Underage kids get hots for each other. There's an unfortunate breakdown in communications leading to joint suicides. Their famillies feel bad.

And I'm out.
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So I don't have an 11am class today. Am bored. Will spam you all with pictures of my last vaction, as I promised I would. Then I will have a nap.

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Oi. Well, moving on the hottest day of the year is not great, but we had fun. We watched a bit of Animal House and laughed-- Autumn had never seen it before. The bit with the horse mad her laugh so hard I though the neighbors would complain.

I'm working all day today, joy. Only two weeks til vacation!

Here, have a picture. Mum was cleaning out the china hutch and set these on the coffe table in the living room.

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I promised these back before the Great Computer Crash, but oh well. Pics from Banff, Canada- 2005 Choir tour

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Here's a couple more pics.

from a fairly recent issue of Vogue )

Well. That was fun.

Last night was "scramble around the office because the bottom dropped out" night. Had some minor technical difficulties that included one writer completely flaking out and not turning in ANY article and some communication problems that have left me with now picture for the front page. Nice.

But I think it's figured out, for the most part. Have to finish up today.


The other night I dreamt of Ithilien. I was me and the time was now... sort of a modern Ithilien. If there could be such a thing. And Faramir was there. Or rather, a descendant of Faramir, named for him. We got along well and everything was very summer green and blue and goldwater.

>.< My dreams are so odd. I suppose most people's are, then.

Oh! And I should do that meme thing. Where you comment and ask about my interests. Because I like talking about myself, or something. And plus, [ profile] danachan did it first. She made me.

ETA: WE HAVE A WINNER! Flaunt magazine and there's another of her in uniform OMG.


Dec. 7th, 2004 04:20 pm
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If one were to suggest an archive specifically for Legolas/Gimli stuff(the good stuff, not just humor), would anyone be able to cough up links/art/fic/etc? Does such a place already exist?

Just askin'.

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