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Sad to say, I trashed firefox and downloaded opera. Tragic, I know, but at least now I have a browser that my computer doesn't reject viciously every other day.

...which is to say, I can post in LJ more often, now.


Here are the things I know, just in case you were wondering.

-[ profile] dien will be visiting, starting wednesday. I'm trying to arrange snow for her, but my roommate keeps trying to smother me in my sleep when I mention it.

- Mom had a birthday, I got to send her flowers at work and be obnoxious about it. I've kinda always wanted to do that.

-I went as Nellie Lovett for Halloween. Bloody apron, meat pies with fingers and all. I'm awesome.

-Election tomorrow. Consider this a warning: if you can read this, are a US citizen and over eighteen, you'd best be voting tomorrow.

I do not care who you vote for (well, I do, but I'm not trying to pressure you into voting my way) but you damn well better vote. Abstaining is not an acceptable form of protest-- many people are running for president, find one you can vote for or write someone in. Voting buys you the right to complain.

That's all.
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Today sucked. And no, I'm not up for more than just saying that. I've heard it all from all angles. I'm just tired now.

I don't want hugs, I don't want to commiserate. Unless you have porn or chocolate or news the ROTK EE is being released tomorrow just for me, then leave me the fuck alone.

Tomorrow, I will say we have to stand and fight. Tomorrow I will say "don't lose all hope." For today, I'm just pissed that I missed Ghost Hunters. The rest is too big.
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Marriage is love.

I've always felt a little sorry for the day after Valentine's.

I like watching romances. I'm not too good at them myself, although I try. But that doesn't really upset me, because I like watching people being in love.

Take last night, for instance. There was a formal dance- lots of fun, great dj, it was awesome. But one of my friends, who we shall call L, didn't go. Why, you ask? Well, he has been getting close to another of our friends named...A. She works in the dorm and had to stay in last night, she was working. So L decided not to go, ordered a crapload of pizza and they watched scary movies snuggled together in the same over-sized armchair.

I nearly died from the cute. I love romance.

Also- the couple that got married in San Fransisco, the one that had been together for 50 some years? Holy shit. If anyone deserves to get married, it's them. I cried when I saw the pictures of them, it's just so... romantic. And wonderful. And fuck you, Mr. Bush. The two women kissing in that picture I saw; kissing after they said their wedding vows are just as much in love as L and A, cuddling together on Valentine's Day. They deserve just as much happiness.

But there is power in love. I truly believe that. So today I'm going to tell everyone who is important to me I love them. The day after Valentine's seems like a good place to start.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, my views on political situations.

It's like this guy crawled into my brain and figured out what I was thinking. Then put it into words so I could think it.

Have I mentioned before that I love Because, yeah, I do.


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