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I just listened to all five hours of the audiobook version of Written by the Victors, a SGA magnum opus that has no rivals for scope, creativity and a richly imagined universe. In any fandom. In any writing, period.

For those of you who don't want to slog through 50,000 words or five hours of audio (do it anyway), the story can be summed up as this: "History became legend, legend became myth, and things that should not have been forgotten were lost."

It's a gorgeous story of the founding of a new people, told in parts through the opinions of those who were never there, and in parts by the people who lived it. Basically? It's like listening to a fascinating NPR documentary, interrupted by a woman with a gorgeous British voice who would like to read me porn. Awesome.

And my iTunes decided to follow it with Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

I have no idea what that means.


Work goes well. Actually I mostly have been trying to acclimate to actually working a regular 8-5 job. It's been strange. Getting up in the morning blows, but yes we all knew that. Usually the work makes it worth it, it's the getting there that's the problem. Compounded by the several inches of snow we now have. Oh, Minnesota. And also La Nina.

One of my munchkins is the king of non sequitur, to my delight. A typical conversation between us goes like this:

Me: Awesome job! What letter is this? *holds up a letter card*
Him: *stares blankly, breaks into a grin* I'm ELEVEN!
Me: ...yes. Yes you are! Way to be!



That being said, hi! I hope you're all doing splendidly. Do tell me what you've been up to, as I've been a bit... busy. *falls over*
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Made a [ profile] muse_recs post. Go, view, friend. Witness my awesome taste.
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Hitchhiker was great fun- sorry to those in ND, I just couldn't wait. But you're going to love it, I promise.

Slash is still gleefully intact and sometime exacerbated by said movie. Plus, musical madness! Great soundtrack.

Um. I still haven't written my paper. I may do it, yet tonight. Maybe. Right now, I'm going to relax in the hot tub, because it's like 30 degrees here and almost May, how fair is that?


Also: Like I mentioned before, I'm starting a recs page, mostly for my own personal benefit. But if there's anything you'd like me to read, even your own stuff, tell me about it, okay? I can't guarantee what will end up on the page, but I want to have lots of varied stuff. So. Any fandom, any rating, anything! Please, please help me out.

Nevermind that the bonus of this is the fact that I get fic recc'ed to me. That's not important. Not at all.

The hot tub, she awaits me.

ETA: If anyone has a copy of the cd Only In Dreams- classical music by Steven Avila, inspired by Weezer... hook me up, y'all. The boy is frothing at the mouth for it.
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Okay, here's a rec for you all:

[ profile] laceymcbain's On the Couch, Or the Way Clouds Feel.

Her summary? "Superman. Batman. The Flash. On my couch. I might never wash that leather again."

Go, read it. You don't need to be overly familiar with the fandom to enjoy it- just the basics. Lex Luthor=Bad, Justice League=Good. And Nicole Kidman=Psychiatrist.
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I'm going to make a recs page. I've decided.

But now, I'm going to eat some foods.
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Okay, people, here's your chance.

Rec me stuff. Pimp me into new fandoms- but good luck finding one I don't already read.

Anything you want, so long as you tell me what it is. I'll probably read it. I don't do Aragorn/Frodo, rapefic or BDSM, so get those off the list right now. And RPS, I guess. But other than that, hit me.

I will read almost any fandom you can throw at me. Pimp me into them, tell me your favorites- if you're too ashamed, do it anonymously. But I want fic, man!
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There were lots of scary things on tv today. I forget them now, but they were scary.

Now I'm watching Fiddler on the Roof. And stuff.

Y'know, I'm back into the swing of school and already I'm bored. *runs around the room in crazy circles*

Oh! Also, [ profile] twinkledru wrote me fic, just the other day! It's wonderfully porn-tastic. It's here on Self Evident.

Makes me happy.
fantasticmuse: Shocking (Ferris Bueller- you're my hero!) my paper is done and now I have a serious "after writing a paper" buzz. Am I the only one who gets those?

Interesting fact about this paper- I couldn't make it short enough. 750-1000 words, but 1000 wasn't enough.

That has never, ever happened before. Usually I'm scrounging for more words. I like to be succinct. Or perhaps terse is the word.

Anyway, now I'm babbling because I have too much energy.

Hmmm. Just so this isn't a total waste of a post:

Very, very good band. Funk Rock. Anyway, I like them a lot and no I'm not in the least bit biased. Nevermind that my cousin is the bassist. That's crazy talk.

*reads over post*

Wow. Off to bed, before I hurt something.


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