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Ladies and Gentlemen and Denizens of Livejournal:

I live.

No, seriously. Not only do I live, but I live well. I do not feel like shit. I am no longer diseased. When I woke up this morning after eight hours of sleep (as I have gotten for the past two weeks) I didn't feel so exhausted I could cry.

Like a light in the darkness, good glory and hallelujah. It's an absolutely beautiful day outside. When I woke up, it was to sun and warmth. I stumbled out of the bedroom, to the living room, where I noticed that Tiff had gone and left the door open. I went to close the door when I noticed two things. One, I could hear she and Ryan talking in his apartment and two, there was the most delicious smell ever in the hallway.

Ryan had made homemade croissants. From scratch. Omg. *eats them ALL*

So, what have I been up to? I shall update in bullet form, because while I feel fine, I am still lazy beyond all reasoning of nature.

* Been looking for a job. I was informed that I'm getting kicked off my parent's insurance on May 31st. I need a job with benefits or a job that pays enough for me to secure insurance by then.

* In connection with said job, I'm looking at moving to Minneapolis. I am not opposed to moving other places, so long as those other places are a city. Wherever the job market leads me, I guess.

* News flash! Newspaper Adviser still an asshole. More at ten.

* Nah, I'm not gonna write any more about him. He's an asshole.

* I'm, uh, gonna go have coffee with him in a couple hours. Fuck.

* I bought a new home for my fishy! It's a much larger, pretty, glass bowl. He is v. happy.

Yeah, that's about it.

But now that I'm feeling better, you know what to expect. An enormous cate picspam of wellness. It will be happing, friends, oh yes.

Now, tell me good things in the comments. Porn, happy thoughts, pictures, whatever. I deserve good things, dammit. If you can't think of anything good, comment anyway and I will provide a happy thought for you.

With love,
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Dear life, the universe, and everything,

Okay, I am tired of being diseased. I have survived two weeks of a sore throat. I have survived a week of having the most disgusting eyes ever. But really, having to go to the ER last night because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding for 45 minutes? And waking up with a cough rattling in my lungs and sounding like pneumonia?

Fuck. Off. This is so not on.

-[ profile] fantasticmuse


Dear Ed Norton,

Dammit, warn a girl before you wander around on tv dressed as a priest. Even with that awful hair.

Ow. My ovaries.

So yours you can't even believe it,
[ profile] fantasticmuse
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I am in the throes of a deathplague. Same virus my roommie had, but it's hanging around for an extra week.

Also I got a case of conjunctivitis in both eyes that was so bad it made my doctor freak out and call in another doctor just to see. My eyes are red from broken blood vessels and infection and my eyes glow blue like I'm an extra in Dune because of it.

It's wicked gross and I have pictures.

My throat hurts. *sadface*

In news made of less suck, spring break was ok. Over the weekend we went down to terrorize the Boy. We went to the Conservatory, two art museums, several good restaurants and, best of all, a hockey game.

Here, have some pictures that aren't of my diseased eyes.

Read more... )
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Many, many things have gone wrong with today and I am demanding a do-over, dammit. Also, if anyone knows a good voodoo cure for the headcold from hell, please feel free to share with me.

For now, a love letter. Of sorts.

Dear [ profile] thiran,

Today, in class, one of my professors kept explaining that "together, we have synergism."

It took all my restraint to keep me from yelling "SYNERGISM, JANE."

This is all your fault.

Your mother's a whore,
-[ profile] fantasticmuse

That's all. Carry on.
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The bad: I am actually sick, my throat is raw and my chest is tight. Also, I can't focus enough to write, and that makes me sad.

The good: As of about 11 this morning, I am done with this week. And tomorrow we're having a girly slumber party complete with champagne and homemade cookies. Rock.

So, how's everyone? Tell me something new. :)
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Mmm. Everyone so crabby. Not in real life, but...y'know. Around. *gestures inarticulately* On livejournal. Don't be crabby, lj! I love you! I am your friend! It could be worse! (No really, it could. Maybe.)

I am... tired and incoherent. Worked today for the boy. Money yay! Um. Saw Derailed, too. Yay? Maybe. It was okay. Weird. Clive Owen v. hot. Breakdancing thief from Ocean's 12 also v. attractive. Jennifer Aniston was just slightly better than meh.

Um. I am sick. Pneumonia, again. Probably. Doctor soon, maybe Monday. My lungs hurt.

Wheeeeeeee tired.

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I don't know exactly what happened, but I started feeling better overnight. Meds must have finally kicked in. I'm still not good, but I'm 100% better than yesterday. I am SO HAPPY.

Y'all know what this means. Later today, there will be Cate picspam. It's a fine tradition, yes?
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Okay, so the migraines and the runny nose and the cough apparently actually meant something.

Er. That is to say, that I have pneumonia. Or the very first stage of it, whatever. At any rate, I went to the emergency room yesterday and now I have all sorts of fun medicines that should have me feeling better in 48 hours or so. I may or may not be around much the next couple of days, but I am keeping up on flist. Hope you're all well. <3

Other than that, weekend is wonderful! We're having a great time. =D
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Meh. Fesking migraine had me down for the count part of the night last night. I almost never get them. I beat it without having to take anything, though. w00t!*

So, in History of Disease we got to handle, age, and sex two human skeletons. For the record- they were ancient, male, and both died between the ages of 20 and 30. It was quite interesting.

The one thing I really love about my classes is all the crossover between them. Something we talk about in History will show up the next day in Lit, and then something we talk about in Linguistics will show up in Soc. What fun.

The boy called today-- the zombie flick is "80% done." Sort of. I'll be excited to see the progress this weekend. They've got a lot of editing yet, without me to help, but the filming's nearly done.

Um. That's all, I guess.

*for those wondering, I hate medicine. Hate, hate, hate, and avoid whenever possible.
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One should never be to quick to speak.

I...uh... am still sick, I guess. Last night was really bad. I think I'm okay, for now- I've eaten regularly.


Anyway, just thought you all should know the intimate details of my life. And thank you for all the love and good wishes. I'm going to lay low for the rest of today, too.
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I am so, so sick.

I've been feeling flu-ish for the past week and now... ugh. Let's just say that I definanetly have the flu.

So, no food for me today. I'm gonna cuddle up on the couch with a sprite and some tv. See you all when I can move again.
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*curls up with some yummy cinnamon tea*

I think I'm going to survive, except for now, of course, I have a tummyache.

But today is good. I'm watching Don Juan De Marco and drooling over the Johnny. And I'm getting paid just in time to see Ocean's 12.

*loves on everybody*
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So, this week I hated being a girl in a way that kept me from going to many of my classes, keeping down food or even sleeping for long periods of time. Yes.

Seriously, I thought I was going to die. It was horrible.

ANYWAY. I am feeling much, much better now.


Last night I went to a halloween party at Professor Kate's house. Yes. I do go to parties at my professor's houses. It was for students who are in the International Students Organization. It was great fun, I almost hurt myself laughing. And since it was ISO, the house was filled with delicious accents. Northern Ireland and Bulgaria and Costa Rica, oh my!

Plus, Kate's wacky fun. She's totally a Ren-Faire going, Peggy Lee-obsessed, Cat loving, World Traveler. Her house if full of stuff she's painted or collected or scrounged from a dumpster and made into art.

Today I plan on watching Firefly for most of the day and writing my essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Also I hope to work on/finish my holiday drabbles.

Also: [ profile] middleearthnews is really kind of neat.


Lots of *hugs* to my friends, today. There's so bad juju floating around. But I have a feeling Halloween will take care of it, hang in there.
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Had a post ready last night, but my browser et it. It was very tragic.

To sum up:

Paid Account! *loves the [ profile] danachan more than is probably healthy*

Master and Commander- finished it, liked it

Still sick

My last appointment with my surgeon today, no more trips back! w00t!

My friend Breanne is now having surgery. Have presents for her. V. cute.

Saw ROTK again, noticed some fun stuff this time.

Random things I(and in some cases April) noticed )

So yay!

Also: ICONS!!!!!
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Am sick. =(

Spent most of the day sleeping. Am going back to bed.

Good night!


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