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Fandom is so. Wow.

Though I'm really just an observer, I still can't help feeling a little O.O at times. I mean, on one end we have actors showing up to chill at canceled cons and all sorts of wonderful writing and a glorious sense of community. And on the other... seriously, people? Arguing heatedly over something as stupid as the wording of a warning? I can understand having an opinion on the issue, but actively hating someone over it? Yikes.

Oh, fandom.

In other, more boring news, I went to the Christmas concert last night. It...hurt a lot more than I'd care to admit and it was also wonderful. Bah. I have many complex feelings on the issue that I'm unable to express. I miss making music.

On a better note, I FINISHED one of my papers. It clocked in just a bit short of my goal, which is okay, because it's finished. Only one more to go. I know, I know, you're sick of hearing about them. Well, too bad. :P
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Just spent an hour at rehearsal. Full hour of actual singing and preforming, and also getting carried around the stage by strapping young men. Life is good.

I am so, so buzzed right now. I would quite like to go back and do another six hours of rehearsing, though I'm sure those feelings will change after a couple more weeks. I really need to get my stuff memorized, so I'm prepared.

Also, I should maybe start working on the two papers I have due. But why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?

*happy sigh* I really like music. The end.
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Hullo kidlets!

I'm off to work in... oh, it should have been about fifteen minutes ago, but whatever. They don't need me until 8.

I promised some stuff last night:

[ profile] dien: Here you go. .wav file, via yousend it. The recording quality is not the greatest, but whatever. The song is actually Dig, by Splashdown- but it's Julia's (a.k.a. my) version.

[ profile] sheryl_pip: The other recording wouldn't work. I'll try again tonight.

[ profile] thiran: Your mom.

I get to go out with Autumn and the anydots tonight- we're searching for materials to build a Willy Wonka float for one of the local parades. It should be... interesting, to say the least.

Damn. I really need to get to work. Folding papers for eight hours really sucks, man. But I have approximately one month left. I can make it.

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Really don't want to put the paper together now. Was surprised with the fact that we switched software today. Meh. I want to be done early so I can see my parents tomorrow, not sitting here figuring out new software. So far, it's not horrible to work with- and has a couple of very nice benefits, but whatever. Didn't want to have to figure it out today.

Last night I went to see Anne Christoperson- phenomenal soprano. She did a sort of "tour the world" set- around two dozen songs in six languages. Very, very interesting performance, she's got a lot of power which is always nice to hear in a soprano. After the recital I wandered down to the Art department to check on the Dress Rehearsal of the Midieval Feast that the art history class is doing. I'm excited to go, we get to wear costumes and all sorts of things.

And actually, the night after that I'm working at the International Restaurant Night- dressing up(again) and serving food from all different cultures. Have to brush up on my extremely rusty Norwegian and my almost non-existent Swedish. Luckily all we have to say is a few phrases in the language we chose to dress up for.

*sigh* Need to finish my page.
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A .wav file of Elly singing Pippin's song from ROTK

It's around 30 seconds long, I think. Via Lemme know if it doesn't work!

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Today in U.S. History we talked about hippies. Not just any old hippies, no. We talked about the commune that was established in Georgeville- a scant fifteen minute drive from where I go to school.

Disturbingly enough, this was the highlight of my day. My teacher is a bit of a hippie himself and he spent a lot of time at the commune. I am so very very jealous.

Also: Choral Contest went great! 6 out of 6 stars. Be proud of my choir ya'll, we rock.
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Have posted drabble to [ profile] rugbytackle. Must now drag myself to bed or I will certainly hate me in the morning. PLUS, Choral Contest tommorow at noon. Damn.


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