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While I lack the energy to form an interesting story about anything in my life, I will say this:

If I hear one more word about Brett Favre, I may scream.

I can has hockey? Football drives me mad.
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Pierce Brosnan's eyebrows are their own sentient entity, wriggling around on his forehead, I've become convinced.

In other There pretty much is no other news.
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Please finish the following sentences or phrases:

1. You look familiar.
2. Let's open up a restaurant...
3. Today for you, tomorrow for...
4. This is weird.
5. Will I...
6. Where'd you learn to tango?

You can thank me later.

I suppose anyone can play, but it might not make sense to many.
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The Random Question Meme )
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Guess what I'm watching?

Here's a hint. [ profile] dien would approve.

Here's another: It involves one of my favorite actors in drag.

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It occurs to me that the 6th of April was my two year lj birthday. Weird.

Apparently I celebrated by writing a paper and watching cartoons.

Anyway, I'm at work and this comp doesn't have AIM and I'm bored. So hey, keep doing that anonymous meme! Or just spam me, I'm going crazy.

I'm also hearing mutterings about, an RSS service that apparently claims ownership of everything it syndicates and distributes. And yes, lj entries are a part of that. I suggest you send pissy emails. Or head over to [ profile] cruisedirector's journal, where there's a lot more informations.

And spam me. Please. I won't survive without it.
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Anyone miss me?

Break was good, and good for me. For the most part.

I have no idea what to say. What do you guys want to hear? =D
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Wtf, gmail, I do not need FIFTY frickin' invites!
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Oh, Rufus.

I'll watch Carson for you. Well, you and the comedian guy, who's name I forget. But. This is a testament of my love.

P.S. I love that dragonfly pin. Send one just like it to me for Christmas?
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So. One day I will be a professional band namer person. My list of band names so far includes:

Dominatrix H
Claymation Hitlers
In Concert
Homoneurotic (this is my favorite)
Faculty Parking Lot
Flying Road Cone (props to choir for these last two)

I am bored.
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Final presentations in ISP. So many thrilling powerpoint presentations, let me tell you.

I'm bored. Entertain me?

Hmmm. I'm heading home tonight. Ach, though, all that packing. I'll be glad to use a washing machine that's not coin opperated.

Does anyone want to discuss a concept for a novella with me? I have this thing sort of half written and I need some help nailing the bastard down into some sort of plot.
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OT3s and 4s = Yay!

HTML = Fun

Firefox = teh SEX omg

Gmail = Invite me? Please?

P.S. My friends are beeauutiful!
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I'm hungry.

But we re-arranged the room and somehow it's more condusive to writing and I wrote some stuff so yay.

Soy descansado.

Necessito comer. Ahora. Algo O...algo. No se.
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Max and Conan are having what Tiffany calls "a solemn off."

That is all.


No, I haven't spent all day in photoshop and html'ing, why do you ask?"
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I have decided. Tommorow morning, I am making a list of HAPPY things. Like shiny shiny bracelets, and apple cinnamon candles and purple cool-aid and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It will be a loooooong list, and it will be good. And everyone can look upon it and be happy.


(Spamming makes me happy, too.)
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Got new glasses today. I must say that they are mighty cute- one rose colored pair and one pair of black plastic ones. Must resist urge to hum Wheezer's "Buddy Holly" song...
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I have a spork. His name is Asshat Cornstalk. He is sitting on my computer mocking me right now. I think I'm in love.

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Back from State Speech/Declam thingy. Was very much fun, but I'm rather tired now- we ran around all day being hyper.

HOWEVER! I have a new toy. It's one of those exercise ball things you see on tv all the time, only you use it to strengthen muscles while sitting on the computer and other such times. I wonder if this makes up for all the times I've skipped working out the past few months. Somehow, I have my doubts...
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First post. Yay! Just randomly typing things to make sure everything is in order. In other words, I exist.

Fear me!


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