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Boy: I've decided that for my wedding I'm going to get Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono together to play. But here's the kicker-- they're only allowed to play Depeche Mode and Little River Band covers. Maybe if they're lucky we can throw a Tears for Fears cover in there.
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I'm trying to get The Boy to credit me as "Awesome" in the movie he and the Amazing Jonathan are submitting to the festival.

All in favor, raise your hands!

(For those of you keeping track at home, I ghostwrote the script, played assistant director, helped with costuming and makeup, did one voice over appearance and generally pestered them about editing and direction. Also I fought with The Boy, and ganged up on the Amazing Jonathan with him when he got crazy ideas into his head, both things that are VERY necessary.)
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The Boy and I discuss current events and politics in a very serious way. Very Serious. Also we invoke one of the films that defined our childhood. Please forgive his only very occasional foray into correct grammar. )

Believe it or not, that's how he says goodnight all the time. Really. Well, either that or "SEACREST, OUT!" *facepalm*

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Remember my darling (but insane) neighbors?

Yeah. Yesterday he stopped by, listened to the music we were playing for two seconds and said "Hey! You can do the Charleston to this!"

And then he did. Quite well, I may add. The dance lessons are paying off.


I'm going home this weekend for the boy's play. He's gotten himself a part in the local theater house's production of Chicago. It's chorus, but he's only 18 so that's impressive. It's a fairly tough theater to get into. Roommates and I will travel down tomorrow-- none of us can wait.

Also, it was [ profile] vocal_kitty's birthday on Sunday. We celebrated with cake and a birthday shot of whiskey. Naughty! (Not really. It's just that even our apartments are supposed to be "dry." We're such rebels. *snort*)

*insert rant about newspaper work, idiot editors, several fascinating school functions and grad school anxieties*

*insert annual comments on the day after Valentine's*

My love to you all, of course. Tell me what's new in your life!


Links of Doom:

Geek Social Fallacies. I recognize many of these.

Singer/Songwriter Elly K. This is the sort of awesomeness you get when you google your own name.

I made a house! Yay! Sue me, I'm easily amused.

Facts about Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel owns a Stargate, which he uses to visit Santa, David Hasselhoff, and Gandhi at their secret base in the center of the sun.

This will never stop being funny. Ever.
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Whoo boy, do I hate being poor. *looks mournfully at bank statement*

Grandma Pearl's funeral was today, it was a nice little thing-- about a hundred or so people there, good food as well (this is a very important part of my family's funeral routine). Saw all the cousins and such. All in all, just very nice.

Hrm. Worked tonight at the theater, which is a good thing (see: first sentence of entry). Was v. busy, of course, because of Potter and Walk the Line.

Speaking of Potter, I saw it at the Midnight show in Jamestown and was greatly amused. I may go on about it after I see it again, but overall it was a pretty good movie.

What else? Oh. My family. My family is so funny. Let me tell you why I love them.
I love them because... )

Mom also made me a hat. So cute, must take pictures. Eventually.

So that's the state of things. I should be around more often starting tomorrow or Monday. Had to get the funeral and everything out of the way, first. Now, my Autumn is on her way over. I'll see you all tomorrow.
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The quote of the weekend?

Comes from the boy: "Saying 'I'll pay more if it means that poor people can be better off' isn't being a hypocrite, it's being charitable. Dumbass."

Hm. What else? I'm watching "Scrooge" with the boy right now. We know it verbatim. Sad, really.

Spam later.

P.S. "I Hate People" is the greatest song in this movie.

A synopsis

Jun. 29th, 2004 04:06 pm
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The Boy: But nothing good came out of the 80's. Except for me.
Me: ...

And today he was singing about Totalitarian Accordians. Which would make an awesome band name.

At least it's always interesting around here.


Saw Dodgeball- and was much more amused than I thought I would be.

Saw The Terminal (Wait! This movie's not about cancer?) - and was to busy laughing at Beau to care much about the movie. It was pretty good.

Went to see The Darkness. They put on one hell of a live show. The Wild Hearts opened for them. They sucked.

Wrote some fanfic. And started three seprate projects- a book of short stories, a novella and a script. We'll see which gets finished first.

This is the coolest thing ever.

Need to make some new icons.
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Saw my brother's school's rendition of The Hobbit. Very cute, all in all. And for a small town school and a small town budget, they had some nifty special effects.


Bilbo was played by a girl- a very talented actress and a good friend of mine.

Gollum was played by a 6'2" football player. =D He did really well. He wore all black, but his hands, feet and face were covered in paint that glowed under the black lights. Quite cool, actually.

My brother played Thorin. He was teh cyoot. Don't ever tell him I said that.

Sting was fairly impressive, too. Glow-in-the-dark hairspray covering the blade makes it glow under blacklight, just like Gollum. So it was very realistic.

Smaug looked just a little bit like Barney. Color me amused.


The weekend was fun- I got to go to a Wal-Mart that didn't close at 10pm, hallelujah! And I got to go back to where I used to work and see everyone. Fun, because I actually liked working there.

We'll be heading back up north around 4 today. Which means I'll be home around 9. I'm glad I don't have any homework this weekend. Not that it would have been hard to do it here, just that I wouldn't have wanted to do it.

I'm going to catch up on email and LJ comments today. Really. I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... and all that rot. ;D
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I am forced to post this by the boy. He's a tard, but it will shut him up. Sorry for the spam.

A Legend of Zelda drabble. Fear. )
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I think it's because I've been so busy.

Fourth of July weekend=madness in my hometown. See, this town has a population of like 1,000 people most of the year. It's on a lake, so that number goes up by about a thousand in the summer what with all the cabins and summer homes and the like. This is manageable of course, all it means is that we have to deal with people asking for directions and restaurant recommendations a lot.

However on the 4th, the population is approximately 10,000. I kid you not. An extra eight thousand people come pouring into this little, tiny town- for no other reason than to get drunk. Yeah. Driving is really, really fun this time of the year.


Also, the boy just said something funny:

VH1 goes inside MTV's The Real World. Do you know how many registered trademarks are in that sentence?
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Me: Hiya Autumn! How are you?

Autumn: Good! What should I get Dan for his birthday?

My Brother: GRAPE NUTS! They're the gift that keeps on giving!

Me and Autumn: ...

My Brother:What? The box is like, bottomless. It's great!

And they think I'm the strange child.
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Gah. Still trying to get over sudden reappearance of allergies. They're the only bad part about springtime for me. Go 70 degree weather!


I picked up the Harry Potter dvd today. Watched some with my brother and he goes "Oh my God, even I can see the slash!" hahahahaa I'm infecting my family members. What fun!


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