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Time to be selfish and terrible for a moment, online where few people will see and even fewer will care.

I would like my mother back, please.

...okay, I'm just gonna lay this all out here so everyone's on the same page.

In 2003, my mother's younger brother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His wife divorced him and took the kids because she's worse than cancer. He was living on his own, not terrible but not great, until May of 2010.

The day my brother graduated from college my uncle had a huge seizure and didn't really recover. He went to a nursing home near where I live for a few months. Finally, my grandmother had him moved to a group home in the town where I grew up. Gran and my parents still live there.

While all this was happening, my favorite uncle in the whole world dropped dead of a heart attack. He was married to my mom's older sister-- getting ready for work in the morning and called 911 himself. She didn't know anything was happening until the paramedics were banging on the door and screaming for her to unlock it. He died while she was in the room with him.

His wake was on my birthday. The funeral was the day after.

And that, kids, was my 2010. My aunt basically moved in with my gran, and now my mom is stuck being responsible for the mental health of a widow and a woman watching her son die. You can see how she and my dad might be a little distant right now.

She even told me that she loves me, but that my brother and I are on our own for a little while. She doesn't have the energy to deal with any problems we want to discuss.

It's understandable. But I want my mommy back.

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