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I still exist, but it's a secret.

Tell no one.
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I got a couple of wisdom teeth taken out and there are legit shards of bones coming up out of my gums.


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It's a good night.
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I bought a book of poetry simply called "Cake." There has never been a truer encapsulation of my soul, I think.

(The concept. I haven't actually read the book yet.)
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I feel like my media worlds are colliding.

Last night I saw Fright Night, which had what's his face from the Star Trek reboot and David Tennant looking mighty fine in guyliner.

Tonight I was catching up on Warehouse 13 and low and behold, surprise!Ianto Jones. Then a commercial for Conan the Barbarian, which brings us back 'round to Stargate Atlantis. The only thing I was really missing was some Sherlock references...

...which my aunt totally brought up in the car today. Fannish circle complete? Possible. It'd be a slam dunk if I wasn't such a magpie of a fan.
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Things I have done this weekend:

-eaten a meatball the size of my fist
-and also eaten vegan pot pie
-discussed braille sex toys
-planned a Laverne and Shirley day
-been to at least three places I've never been before

Things I need to remember:

-I am not responsible for other people's emotional needs
-and also to put gas in my car

It may be preemptive, but I think I'm calling this weekend a success.
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Very kind of Warehouse 13 to develop not one, not two, but three+ viable OT3s. It's like they know me.
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Hey! HEY!

I made waffles.
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Time to be selfish and terrible for a moment, online where few people will see and even fewer will care.

I would like my mother back, please.

...okay, I'm just gonna lay this all out here so everyone's on the same page.

my mom has two brothers and two sisters )
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He doesn't usually do it for me, but lord is he looking good here.


I am sunburnt from going to Pride this weekend, but it was worth it. My brother went, too, separately. His first text to me said "there are so many rainbows! What's happening here?"
Then I got a text from him late in the evening that just said "They gave me hair product. I don't know how to use it."

I told him it goes in his hair.
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So I'm awake. Let's do a year's recap, eh?

1. Grad School. Special Education, because I've run from it for too long.
2. One year since my uncle's sudden and terrible death. I don't want to talk about it.
3. More money at work, thank god, the situation had become dire.
4. I'm still writing, making jewelry, and creating songs. Just very quietly and to myself. I want to share, though.

That's all.

Some things you might find interesting:

Blast from the Past --An excellent history/curiosity blog

Awesome People Hanging Out Together --Awesome* people. Hanging out. Together.

Daily Routines --How people more interesting than me organize their day

Your Favorite Venn Diagram -- This is definitely how science works

*For a given value of awesome
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I will be spending the evening with one finger raised at 2010. Fuck off, you bastard, I'm leaving you for 2011.
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I have victoriously learned two chords on my brother's ukulele. Watch out, world, here I come!
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Today one of my students flooded the bathroom and didn't tell anyone. Also we found dead squirrel in our supply closet.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for 100% less of both of these things.

My life: way more hilarious than yours, y/n?
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The best thing about adulthood is having a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich for breakfast.

The worst thing about adulthood is not being able to call your mom and say "I'm tired and I don't like this. Will you come pick me up now? And can we have grilled cheese for dinner?"
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Hi guys! I love you all. In case you were wondering. It's just that kind of a day month year.
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Heh. Um, winter gets to me? So hello from spring time.

I am covered in glitter and I smell good. I don't think life actually gets much better, especially when spring and extra light mean I am productive to the point of insanity.

Except for writing, of course. Amazing how I can always manage to put that off. I've been repairing jewelry and shopping instead. Heavens bless tax returns, I was broke as a joke until they came around.

And that's all I've got. Don't expect too much, okay?
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Hey internets, I really love White Collar, despite my best efforts.

Annnnnnnd would anyone care for a rum and coke? I've got plenty to share.


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