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Really don't want to put the paper together now. Was surprised with the fact that we switched software today. Meh. I want to be done early so I can see my parents tomorrow, not sitting here figuring out new software. So far, it's not horrible to work with- and has a couple of very nice benefits, but whatever. Didn't want to have to figure it out today.

Last night I went to see Anne Christoperson- phenomenal soprano. She did a sort of "tour the world" set- around two dozen songs in six languages. Very, very interesting performance, she's got a lot of power which is always nice to hear in a soprano. After the recital I wandered down to the Art department to check on the Dress Rehearsal of the Midieval Feast that the art history class is doing. I'm excited to go, we get to wear costumes and all sorts of things.

And actually, the night after that I'm working at the International Restaurant Night- dressing up(again) and serving food from all different cultures. Have to brush up on my extremely rusty Norwegian and my almost non-existent Swedish. Luckily all we have to say is a few phrases in the language we chose to dress up for.

*sigh* Need to finish my page.
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So, I guess I have something worth writing about.

Went to Kate's house for Irish Night. Am absolutely filled to the brim with potato bread and soda bread and champ and bacon and cheese and no beer though. =(

Kate brews her own beer and still she wouldn't let us have some. Something about her being a professor and us being underage and wanting to keep her job, I don't know.

But anyway, we ate dinner and then Robert played the fiddle and sang in gaelic and Kate sang and played guitar and Michelle told the story of Fionn MacCumhail in her glorious accent and yey.

I'll do those squee/rant posts sometime, I promise.
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So, this week I hated being a girl in a way that kept me from going to many of my classes, keeping down food or even sleeping for long periods of time. Yes.

Seriously, I thought I was going to die. It was horrible.

ANYWAY. I am feeling much, much better now.


Last night I went to a halloween party at Professor Kate's house. Yes. I do go to parties at my professor's houses. It was for students who are in the International Students Organization. It was great fun, I almost hurt myself laughing. And since it was ISO, the house was filled with delicious accents. Northern Ireland and Bulgaria and Costa Rica, oh my!

Plus, Kate's wacky fun. She's totally a Ren-Faire going, Peggy Lee-obsessed, Cat loving, World Traveler. Her house if full of stuff she's painted or collected or scrounged from a dumpster and made into art.

Today I plan on watching Firefly for most of the day and writing my essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Also I hope to work on/finish my holiday drabbles.

Also: [ profile] middleearthnews is really kind of neat.


Lots of *hugs* to my friends, today. There's so bad juju floating around. But I have a feeling Halloween will take care of it, hang in there.


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