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The song that defines my life right now? "I Never" by Rilo Kiley.

I have been struggling to stay on my meds for the past few days. This is bad because my blood sugar is going to be fucked beyond all reason if I don't shape up. Sigh.

Tonight I feel plagued by insecurities, quite a contrast to last night's ambition. I'm fretting about this job business. I think this is caused by 80% insecurity and 20% thinking too damn much. The whatifs as Shel Silverstein would call them.

On the other hand, I'm re-reading "Monstrous Regiment" and that's always a delight.

And my iTunes has been doing its best to console me, playing "Strength, Courage, Wisdom" and "Safe and Sound" one after another without any prompting from me. *pets the iTunes oracle* Sometimes music's all you have, really.
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Okay, fine, I am here, alive, whatever. I am afraid I've become incredibly boring. Not that I wasn't before, natch. It's just gotten worse.

Here are some things I know:

-Working on the newspaper is going to rock.

-Grad school choices narrowed down to Arizona, Washington and Michigan, in that order.

-I don't miss choir at all.

-But I do miss the music

-Research question for this semester's Big Epic Paper will be: "What are students looking for in the rhetorical space on college campuses? (Case study: my campus) Terribly exciting, I know.

-I, um. I bought more movies. Dammit, the sale was good and I can't resist the lure of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving and my beloved Cate in the same movie.

Alright, that's enough. This has made me feel strangely accomplished, despite the fact that I've got a quiz tomorrow on 70 pages of material I haven't looked at. Damn.

I return.

Mar. 10th, 2006 10:33 am
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Days spent on tour: Three million, or approximately 7.

Hours spent on the tour bus: approximately 26.

Hours spent singing: at least 10.

Money wasted: None! I bought a couple of cute shirts for cheap, a silly latin book and a graphic novel. Go me.

Most awesome thing ever: CURLING. Seriously, wtf? Why isn't everyone playing this? It was so much fun. Also, my choir director is a BEAST. I'm talking curling hall of fame thingy, here. Awesome.

People missed: All of you!

Birthdays missed: One. Happy belated birthday to my Evil(or is is Good?) Twin, [ profile] vensre. Lots of love to you, Ven.

Tour Quotes: Only two this year.

The first from Emily, standing on a bus seat and screaming: "EMILY SPEAKS, HEAR ME NOW! There will be no tickling or none of you will get hugs!"

The second from Robert, whom I adore: "Elly, I've been meaning to ask you. Will you be my mother figure?"


The obligatory unintentionally embarrassing Doc C quote:

Doc C: "It seems to be a real JC Choir love-fest in here tonight."
Choir: ... *facepalm*

He meant there were lots of alumni in the audience. What a strange man.

Items passed between choir members during the concerts: At least four: A doorstop, a plastic turtle, a Pokey action figure and... a dildo. Yes. A dildo.

Number of official CTRs: Only one. TK and Jennifer, and good for them. Unofficially, there was Joe and Lydia, Me and Jessica, and Tim and Eric. Of course, unofficial also means "fake." But anyway.

Best concert: Our final full concert in Grand Rapids. Good energy, great audience. Just beautiful. The Ave Maria had people weeping. Hell, the choir almost couldn't sing it.

Best venue: MY HOMETOWN, BABY. The acoustics KICK ASS. Would have been our best concert, except it was our first and people were nervous. Definitely a close second, though.

And that's that. I'm back.


Apr. 1st, 2005 10:23 pm
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Well. There's no way I can top the insanity of today's floor pie adventures.

But, I did promise Venna some music spam. So.

Roulette Dares(The Haunt of) by The Mars Volta Prog rock, strangely melodic.

L'Via L'Viaquez by The Mars Volta This one's from their newest album, Francis the Mute. It's about a boy looking for his mother. It's also twelve minutes long and perfect.

The Book of Right-On by Joanna Newsome Folk, harp and voice, strangely addictive.

Tomorrow by Rivers Cuomo Showtunes. By Rivers.

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"Fill it up Again" by the Indigo Girls. Love it and despair.
fantasticmuse: Shocking (Ferris Bueller- you're my hero!) my paper is done and now I have a serious "after writing a paper" buzz. Am I the only one who gets those?

Interesting fact about this paper- I couldn't make it short enough. 750-1000 words, but 1000 wasn't enough.

That has never, ever happened before. Usually I'm scrounging for more words. I like to be succinct. Or perhaps terse is the word.

Anyway, now I'm babbling because I have too much energy.

Hmmm. Just so this isn't a total waste of a post:

Very, very good band. Funk Rock. Anyway, I like them a lot and no I'm not in the least bit biased. Nevermind that my cousin is the bassist. That's crazy talk.

*reads over post*

Wow. Off to bed, before I hurt something.
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I missed my one and only class today.

English, and I wanted to go, too. We were going to have a presentation by a canidate for one of the empty positions in the English deptartment.

Woke up late, though. And I didn't want to waltz into what was essentially a job interview and say "I'm here! You can start now!"

Luckily I wasn't required to go, so I'm not in trouble. =D

So, who's heard of The Polyphonic Spree? Crazy cultists I tell you. Okay, maybe not, but when you put on white robes and sing about "reaching for the sun" while surrounded by bubbles and doves, it makes me start to wonder.

Here. Go if you have a lot of time, the intro page is a delight to stoners everywhere. Man, why do I like this band? It's insane.

Oh! And I gave blood yesterday. Go me.


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